Executive Director and Founder Leading Program of Help for Troubled Teens

Graham Shannonhouse


A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Graham Shannonhouse has been actively involved in the wilderness therapy field for more than twenty three years. After receiving her degree in 1991, Shannonhouse spent 10 years working with a premiere wilderness-based therapeutic program in south-central Idaho. During her tenure, she served three years as a hands-on Field Instructor, three years as Field Supervisor, and the remaining time as Wilderness Program Director. During this period she developed, managed, and served as counselor for the country’s first wilderness program specifically focused on pre- teens ages 10 to 13
Graham returned to the east in 2002 to serve as Executive Director for a therapeutic wilderness program based in North Carolina, successfully growing it to one of the most respected companies in the industry. In 2008, she resigned her position to open Trails Carolina. Having an intimate working knowledge of the roots of wilderness therapy, Graham has brought her experience and wisdom to her position as Partner and Executive Director with the goal of integrating the true family work that must be done to insure lasting success.

When Graham isn’t working, she enjoys playing with her two golden-doodles, wakeboarding, running and mountain biking.

“I formed Trails Carolina with the intention of providing real help for struggling or troubled kids and teens.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of our work at Trails is experiencing the joy on the faces of our kids and their families when they get back together at Graduation or/and Family Camp. Our students gain better coping skills and emotional responses that deliver powerful life-changing results.

Seeing the real-life experiences of the families who come to us for help is the true reward for the dedication and experience of our staff. Creating positive outcomes for our clients is at the center of all the work we do, and we make that happen, day in and day out.

This is why I have chosen this life…to help troubled teens–and their families–make lasting changes. Thank you for your interest in Trails Carolina.”