Helping Your Child and Family is Our Number One Priority

Trails Carolina’s wilderness therapy program was founded with a singular goal – to help families reconnect, heal, and thrive. Over the years, our approach has been shown to produce lasting, positive outcomes, delivering on that mission.

Each child that enters our campus is unique and brings their own needs and challenges. Immediately, we get to work making sure they receive the support they need, starting by introducing them to their single-gender, age-appropriate group they’ll be growing with.

These groups are led by experienced, licensed therapists who specialize in working with youth who fit their group’s profile – and it shows. We also work to keep parents engaged along this powerful journey, empowering them to support and communicate effectively with their child when they return home.

Truly unique among wilderness therapy programs, we offer a comprehensive, accredited academic program. We understand that behavioral issues often carry over to the classroom, resulting in struggles that often undermine mental health progress. Our work here is focused around renewing confidence in the classroom and preparing students to return to their home schools as functional and critical learners.

Another aspect that makes Trails unique is the focus on transitions. We’ve designed a series of diverse environments to allow students the opportunity to practice, refine, and gain confidence in their skills before transitioning back to the home environment. This transition cycle includes a two-week backpacking expedition, returning to base camp for a week to participate in academics & equine therapy, and a week at our Sky Valley base camp to practice mindfulness, therapeutic yoga, and learn about whole body wellness.

Everything we do at Trails Carolina is meant to prepare students and families to transition their wilderness experience into the real world and create a bright future.


Boys 10-13
Girls 10-13
Girls 14-17
Boys 14-17
Co-Ed 18-25

At Trails Carolina, we provide a healthy environment for a variety of ages to receive treatment. We believe that segmenting groups by age and gender helps students learn to build positive relationships among their own peers. This makes the transition back to traditional school settings easier for young people. It helps our students learn how to interact and build healthy connections for life.

Trails Carolina offers both Family Support and Integrated Academics for your child

As one of the leading wilderness therapy programs in the world, Trails includes an integrated Parent and Family Program that parallels the student’s progress.

You’ll have access to onsite workshops that allow you to immerse yourself into the curriculum, tools, and skills your child is learning. There is also an optional Family Reunification Experience  – a five-day extended program following a student’s typical stay at Trails, which is designed to unite the family. With the support of a therapist, families engage in a variety of activities designed for them to practice healthy new communication and family relational skills.

In addition, we also offer an integrated accredited academic program. Our certified teachers can help your student maintain their educational momentum, or develop new skills that will provide greater academic confidence. We even offer transferable high school credits for their experiential work at Trails – setting it apart from other wilderness programs.

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