One of the Best Wilderness Programs for Your Child and the Family

    As one of the top wilderness programs, Trails has unique tracks within our program designed for the specific developmental and emotional needs of our students.  These tracks are separated by gender and age group and then led by therapists with expertise for this group.

    Tracks include:

    These unique tracks help the students and family to better connect and practice new skills learned and prepare for the challenges that might lie ahead of you.

    Trails Carolina offers both Family Support and Integrated Academics for your child

    As one of the top wilderness programs, our program includes an integrated Parent and Family Program that parallels the student’s progress and treatment throughout Trails. There is an optional Family Camp, a 5-day extended program at the end of the student’s time at Trails, providing skills and training taught in wilderness programs for the entire family. Both the family members, including siblings, and the individual student will participate together in equine relational intelligence work with our horses that live on one of the base camps.

    In addition, Trails’ offers an integrated accredited academic program and a Nature Center. Our certified teacher can help your student to stay abreast of their education while away from school, and even offers transferable high school credits for their experiential education at Trails. This is one of the many aspects that sets Trails above other wilderness programs.



    Your Little Professor