Passionate, Caring Expert Staff

Trails is owned and operated by Graham Shannonhouse.  We believe local ownership improves the quality of care and commitment.

Your family’s team will include your child’s primary therapist, a family therapist, a medical coordinator, a certified teacher, and an equine specialist. The team takes into account your child in the context of family, peers, school, recreation, and self. This provides a deeper understanding of each student and allows our team to customize your child’s treatment plan so that s/he can experience success throughout their varied aspects of life.


Graham Shannonhouse

Executive Director, Founder

A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Graham Shannonhouse has been actively involved in the wilderness therapy field for more than twenty three years. After receiving her degree in 1991, Shannonhouse spent 10 years working with a premiere wilderness-based therapeutic program in south-central Idaho. During her tenure, she served three years as a hands-on Field Instructor, three years as Field Supervisor, and the remaining time as Wilderness Program Director.

Clinical Team

Our highly skilled clinical team individualizes treatment plans for each child and family. Therapists work with parents and educational consultants to intervene, provide primary treatment, and offer parents a thorough assessment of their child. The Primary Therapist and Family Therapist are the primary points of contact as your child achieves success at Trails.

Jeniveve Rollins – LCSW

Clinical Director

Jeniveve leads the clinical team with their therapeutic process.


Jason McKeown – MS, LMFT, CPE, BC-TMH

Family Clinical Director

Jason leads Trails’ innovative Family Institute programming.

Ashley Brown, MSW, LCSW, LCAS

Primary Therapist

Ashley utilizes her extensive experience working primarily with Girls ages 14 – 17.

Work photo

Derry O’Kane – MS, LPC, NCC

Trailblazers Primary Therapist

Derry works directly with our trail blazer girls ages 10 to 14


Shalene Pierce – MSW, LCSW

Primary Therapist

With Trails since the beginning, Shalene leads girls groups ages 14 – 17.

Todd Green MSW, LCSW

Primary Therapist

Todd uses his depth of experience to lead Boys ages 14 – 17.

Justin Messinger, MA, LPCA, LCASA

Primary Therapist

 Justin is a therapist that works directly with our families

Kristin Becker, MA

Trails Carolina Therapist

Kristin works with students at Trails Carolina

Jana Eilermann, MA, WFR, NCC, LPC-A

Family Therapist

Jana works closely with Trails Carolina families throughout the therapeutic process.

Sarah Hutchison, MSW, LCSW-A

Family Therapist

 Sarah is a Family Therapist who works closely with families and students at Trails Carolina.

Admissions Team

Our admissions team understands that the decision to send your child to a wilderness therapy program is a difficult one. You will be met with professionalism and compassion as our team works to meet the individual needs of your child and family.

Dottie Lank

 Director of Admissions

Dottie works directly with families to help them make the decision and transition to Trails.

Aleshka Cleveland

Marketing & Business Development

Aleshka helps to build relationships and networks with families and ECs.

Candace Bynum

Admissions Coordinator

Candace helps families successfully transition to Trails that are referred to us by, EC’s, Other Schools, and Previous Parents for Admission to Trails.  She is also the Family Service Coordinator.

Julia Andrick

Admissions & Outreach

Julia began working in the therapeutic school and program field in 2000. Since that time, she has worked with countless families and witnessed the profoundly powerful impact wilderness therapy has had on their children.

Wilderness Team

Expert wilderness and adventure camp staff for student success and safety

Our wilderness adventure camp team’s number one priority is your child’s safety.  A dedicated team of field instructors provides direct care to students as they explore the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Field staff also work with our medical coordinator to ensure the health and well being of your child are always tended to.  Click to learn more about our Wilderness Team.

Jeremy Whitworth

Program Director

Jeremy leads and oversees all day to day operations.


Rachel Bisker


Rachel Supervises our Field staff on their tasks


Thor Jones

Field Supervisor

Thor Supervises the field staff on their tasks.

Residential Team

Our Residential team provides quality programming that will take your child from wilderness adventures to the classroom and the horse pasture.  Our teachers design an engaging curriculum that provides transferable credits.  Our equine specialist facilitates students’ connections with our herd of horses, helping students find greater connection to their emotions and non-verbal communication. Click to learn more about our Residential Team.


Steve O’Neil

Ecology Specialist

Helping our students understand the misunderstood through experiential learning


Lindsey Young

Medications Coordinator

Manages student medications and coordinates with local pharmacy

Dr. Anthony Fisher, MD-1

Dr. Tony Fisher, MD

Consulting Physician

Tony does our physicals and basic medical stuff!

Anne Westall

Equine Specialist

Anne oversees the horse programming for Trails.


Betty Ervin

Office Manager, Parent Liaison

Betty is the “glue” involved in all aspects of Trails.


Debi Whitmire

Risk Management Specialist

Debi oversees risk management

Ben Holtzclaw

Facilities Director

Ben manages all facilities at Trails Carolina.