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Common Ground: The Parenting Podcast

Parenting support and advice from some of the nation’s thought leaders. Every episode of the Common Ground Podcast is focused on addressing a specific challenge for a family and providing tips and tools to overcome and build a stronger family unit.

The Trails Carolina team has several decades of collective clinical experience working with teens and families. By leveraging this expertise and compassionate care, they create an environment that fosters growth. This individual work with families drove the podcast’s main idea: How can we better support parents struggling with challenging or difficult situations with their children?

By bringing together Trails Carolina staff members along with other experts from the field, our goal with the Common Ground Podcast is to give context and a more nuanced understanding of the issues parents face and how to best tackle them together.

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Episode 18: The Importance of Outside Play for Kids

Show Notes

On this episode of the podcast, Jeremy Whitworth speaks with Althea and Julia from the Pisgah Collective about the importance of outdoor play for kids.

Learn more about the Pisgah Collective >>

Episode 17: Wilderness Staff and Transferring Success Home

Show Notes

This week, Jesse Quam joins Jeremy Whitworth to discuss front-line staff and how to support their growth. We explore the impact of front-line staff and how to translate their success in the field back home.
Books mentioned during the podcast:

Episode 16: Affording Therapeutic Programs & Finding Help

Show Notes

On this week's podcast episode, Jeremy and Andrew discuss the cost of finding therapeutic help for students of all ages. There are many different options for support, from residential programs to finding mentors within your community. Jeremy and Andrew highlight options families have when they feel like they are looking for outside-of-the-box solutions.

Episode 15: The Development of Young Adults and Tips to Guide

Show Notes

This week, Mike D'Angelo joins Jeremy Whitworth on the podcast to discuss the neuroscience of the brain in Young Adults and how developmental stages play a role in their future.

Resources in finding a parent coach.

The importance of having a third party in dealing with YA issues.

Episode 14: Young Adults and Major Life Transitions

Show Notes
This week Adam Ray and Jeremy Whitworth discuss how to support Young Adults as they navigate a complex landscape ahead of them. We discuss how we can support young adults while helping them find their own path.

Episode 13: The Importance of Psychological Testing for Teens

Show Notes
On this week’s podcast, Dr. Salli Lewis joins Jeremy Whitworth to discuss the importance of testing and assessment, different types of testing and assessment and gives us a few key takeaways for families.

Our goal for the episode is to:
-Discuss the value of assessment and testing
-Give families resources for finding local options

Episode 12: Technology Addiction and Supporting Teens

Show Notes
Technology is something every parent with a teenager navigates. Finding balance is key. Jeniveve and Jeremy discuss activities, outlets, and ways to be successful in your child’s relationship with technology.

Our goal for this episode is to:
-Highlight what parents need to know about technology addiction
-Offer activities as alternatives to technology
-Provide resources for parents looking to create change

Episode 11: The Importance of parents seeking their own therapeutic help

Show Notes
In this podcast, Jeremy and Sarah James discuss the importance of parents doing their own therapeutic work. Challenges within the family are difficult, and parents are in a much better place to help their family if they are in the best headspace possible.

Our goal for this episode is to:
-Offer a different perspective on family work
-Highlight the overall benefit of therapeutic help
-Offer individual therapeutic resources

Episode 10: Mindfulness and Focusing on Yourself

Show Notes
This week Francie Blair joins Leah Madamba to discuss Mindfulness and how it can positively impact your life. The simplicity of finding mindful moments makes this practice simple, convenient, and something everyone can practice at home.

Our goal for the episode is to:
-Offer a different perspective on family work
-Highlight the overall benefit of mindfulness
-Offer individual therapeutic resources

Episode 9: The “Why” Behind Our Podcast

Show Notes
We put a lot of intention into the creation of our podcast. Jeremy and Leah discuss the “Why” behind starting our podcast in this episode.

Our goal for this episode is to:
-Share research and how families can benefit from this knowledge
-Connecting parents with a community of experts in the field
-Providing resources to families to do their work
-Helping families to understand they are not alone in their journey

Episode 8: Confidence Code for Girls, with Leah Madamba, Part 2.

Show Notes
Jeremy and Leah discuss The Confidence Code for Girls over two separate podcasts. This podcast covers some of the lessons and how parents can support their daughter’s journey.

In part two, Leah and Jeremy speak directly to:
-Differences in the male and female brain
-How gratitude plays into development
-Kicking the perfectionist habit

Episode 7: Confidence Code for Girls, with Leah Madamba, Part 1.

Show Notes
Jeremy and Leah discuss The Confidence Code for Girls over two separate podcasts. This podcast covers some of the lessons and how parents can support their daughter’s journey.

In part one, Leah and Jeremy speak directly to:
-Defining and understanding confidence
-Talking about risk

Episode 6: The Importance of Family Involvement in Treatment

Show Notes
Leah Madamba joins us this week to discuss the importance of involving the entire family in treatment. Families can create more success and lasting change when they approach challenges as a team.

Episode 5: How Trauma Impacts Kids and Family Systems

Show Notes
Erin Cantalini, Family Coach, speaks with Jeremy about Trauma. We discuss what trauma looks like, how it impacts our lives, and tips to start to make changes.

Episode 4: The Intersection of Neurodivergence and Technology

Show Notes
Jana Eilermann shares her expertise on ASD and Technology. In this podcast, Jana covers the factors that go into creating technology addiction and shares tips for making changes. We also touch on the benefits technology can provide families.

Episode 3: Kids Grow Better Outside – Benefits of the Wilderness for Kids

Show Notes
Experiential Education Director, Kyle Shepard, joins us to talk about the benefits and healing nature the wilderness provides students and families as they grow.

Episode 2: Overcoming School Refusal with Teens

Show Notes
This week Travis Wireback joins us to speak about school refusal. Travis covers what parents should look for and how to approach finding solutions.

Episode 1: The Stigma of Mental Health

Show Notes
In the premiere episode of the Common Ground Parenting Podcast, Jeremy Whitworth and Amanda Mojave cover the stigma associated with mental health challenges and offer a few tips to families looking for help and support.

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Trails saved my daughter’s life. Amanda is an amazing human and a brilliant therapist. I am so grateful to her, Science Steve, and the other wonderful people who could reach my daughter at a time when I could not.

Margot Lowman August 2022

Great life changing experience for our son. After becoming addicted to gaming during covid he was very depressed. At Trails he experienced the wilderness, Science Steve, learning survival skills and top notch therapy and support etc… I highly recommend! This gave our son and our family a renewed family bond full of love and excitement about his bright future.

Winnifred Wilson July 2022


Outstanding clinical work and superb staff! There’s a great culture at this company and it shows with how they engage with families/clients.

Kristin Brace June 2022