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Using the Wild to Find Calm: Wilderness Treatment Centers for Teens

Using the Wild to Find Calm: Wilderness Treatment Centers for Teens

We have a connection with the wilderness. It’s deep down and sometimes hard to see in our technological world, but we have it. It’s easy to think of the feeling you get when you walk into the wilderness for a hike: calm. It’s something about unplugging and taking a nature walk that allows your brain to relax and sort through stress. Wilderness treatment centers for teens use this connection to help struggling adolescents find their calm.

wilderness treatment centers for teens

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Research finds link between happiness and nature

In many studies, a strong connection between the amount of nature surrounding a person and that person’s overall well-being has been found. In one study, researchers found that being in a natural setting helped kids struggling with ADHD cope better. Another study conducted revealed that kids that had more nature around them had overall lower stress levels than those with less. It shows that interacting with nature has the ability to improve depression, anxiety, ADHD, and many more.

Who do wilderness treatment centers for teens help?

Wilderness treatment centers for teens focus on early behavioral and mood issues specific to the adolescent age. This can commonly include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • School refusal
  • Self-harm
  • Substance abuse
  • Adoption
  • Defiant behavior
  • Low self-esteem
  • Technology obsession

If you believe your child may be suffering from any of these, it’s important to seek out professional help immediately.

Trails Carolina can help

Trails Carolina is one of the leading wilderness treatment centers for teens, ages 10-17. Through a safe environment, caring staff, and comprehensive therapy, our students learn to work through their issues and thrive.
As one of the best wilderness treatment centers for teens, we utilize many different therapies–group, individual, equine, family, adventure–to provide our students with the personalized and specific treatment they need. With all of this, your child and family can get back on track and move forward towards a healthier future.
For more information about Trails Carolina, please call 800-975-7303 today!

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