School Dropouts Linked to Internet Addiction in Teens

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With technology today, internet addiction in teens is not uncommon. Today’s young people are the first generation who have grown up with mobile devices and social media. Teens are described as ‘digital natives’. There are constant distractions available to prevent us from being productive, motivated, or passionate about daily tasks. Many people have developed strong attachments to electronic devices like cell phones or tablets. As elements of technology expand, so do the negative health issues that accompany it. An article by Medical News Today educates on recent research that has connected internet addiction in teens to school dropouts and depression.

The Lack of Enthusiasm for Learning

Research suggests that the most critical stage of eliminating the problem of internet addiction in teens is between the ages of 13-15. The best way to promote teens mental health and reduce excessive internet use is to encourage school engagement and student’s motivation to learn. If students lose the motivation to learn, the likelihood of them dropping out increases. While the internet provides useful and pleasurable social experiences, too much of it can be detrimental to teens mental health and desire to grow.

The Research

Researchers studied two different age groups of teens. The first age group was between 12-14 and the second was between 16-18. Overall, the study consisted of 3,000 adolescents from 51 different schools. The study was the first longitudinal study questioning the reciprocal associations between excessive internet use, school engagement, school dropouts and depression among teens.

The Conclusion

The research concluded that students who dropped out of school due to internet addiction were more likely to develop symptoms of depression. It also found that while excessive internet use can lead to internet addiction in teens, the internet provides important experiences for youth. The use of digital technology can also engage and inspire teens to take interest in things not available to them in school. Internet use should continue to be encouraged but also limited within adolescents. Maintaining a healthy balance between technology, education, and social events is the best way to reduce the chances of internet addiction in teens and school dropouts.

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