Relieving Stress: The Benefits of Teen Meditation

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Teens are under a greater amount of pressure today than in previous years. This added stress and anxiety is creating an increase in issues with teens mental health and wellbeing. Many of these issues are rooted from teens inability to focus, due to the added stress and worry about present situations. A recent article by Psych Central states that teen meditation is an effective solution to reduce stress and anxiety teens may be facing, while also helping them focus.

How to Begin Meditation

Most teens find it difficult to sit, breathe, and focus on the present. With the stress they are under, their minds run a mile a minute. This is why teen meditation is so essential. To help your teen begin teen meditation, have them sit and focus on something in the now, such as their breathing. With time, their mind will begin to calm, once this occurs they can stop focusing on their breath and begin to take in what’s around them.

The key to teen meditation, is for them to observe themselves without making judgements. This is especially important when their thoughts inevitably turn inward. These thoughts should be examined and then let go. If their mind starts to race again, they should go back to focusing on their breath. While teen meditation sounds simple, it may take some time for them to develop the skill.

Evidence on the Benefits of Teen Meditation

Studies have shown that teen meditation helps with memory, empathy, and decision-making. Teen meditation also helps with self-reflection and fear. Teens suffering with depression have also benefitted from teen meditation. Teen’s ability to observe their own thoughts without judgment and recognize emotional triggers gives them more self-understanding.

Teen meditation allows teens to assess situations of stress or anxiety in a more logical way—helping them realize that their stress or anxiety is coming from the situation, not themselves. As teens practice teen meditation, it will become more natural and easy over time. The clarity teen meditation provides will follow them throughout life. It is a great tool that can be used no matter what age, situation or environment.

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