Being a Master Juggler: Seven Ways to Help Teens Dealing with Stress

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Teens deal with stress more than ever nowadays. There’s pressure on them to do well in school in order to get into a good university, to find a good paying job in today’s struggling economy, and to maintain a close group of friends who will provide the support they will need. Teens juggle a lot. It seem they have to be master jugglers in order to do everything they’re expected to achieve. Dealing with stress caused by all this juggling may start to take a toll on your teen. That’s why many parents need to find ways to help their teens who are dealing with all this stress.

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Keeping your teen calm

According to the APA Stress in America report, forty-two percent of teens indicated not doing anything when it comes to dealing with stress and not knowing what to do to manage it. That number is extremely troubling due to the fact that the majority of teens are dealing with stress on a daily basis. Here are seven things you can do to as a parent to help your teens when it comes to dealing with stress:

    1. Get your teen active: If your teen is a couch potato, chances are they’re more prone to stress than kids who are active on a regular basis.
    2. Get them to bed early: Nowadays, teens get boatloads of homework. On top of that, some teens participate in extracurriculars that don’t get out until the evening. Because of that, many teens find it hard to go to bed at a reasonable time. The thing is, sleep is super important in dealing with stress. The more tired you are, the more stressed you will be.
    3. Encourage them to do activities that make them happy: When your teen is a part of something they truly enjoy, they are more likely to better cope with stress.
    4. Get them to talk to someone: Keeping stress pent up inside is obviously not healthy for your teen. That’s why it’s important that they talk to someone who can help them deal with stress. This person could be a friend, school counselor, or even a teacher.
    5. Teach your teen relaxation exercises: Utilizing deep breathing exercises throughout the day can help teens in dealing with stress. These exercises are proven to help reduce stress on a daily basis.
    6. Help them with task management: A lot of teen stress comes from work overload. By portioning large assignments into smaller tasks, you can help your teen in dealing with stress that comes from big projects.
    7. Listen to your teen: Look out for signs of intense stress. The best way to help your teen is to let them vent about their day. They need your support even if they don’t seem like they want it.

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