Kids Health: A Surprising Way to Get Your Kid to Eat Veggies

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A kids health is every parent’s top priority–but sometimes it can be hard to get them to become as healthy as they can be when they won’t eat vegetables. This is a common issue among parents, but there may be hope.

The New York Times recently reported on a new study that looked into ways to effectively get kids to eat vegetables. The best way? Marketing vegetables the way we market junk food. This could be a revolutionary way to improve kids’ health around the US.

Using cartoons to improve kids’ health

The study was conducted in 10 elementary schools, divided into 4 groups. One group had banners around the school with cartoon vegetable characters on them. One group had tv clips of the cartoon vegetable characters. One had both. One had none (the control groups).

There was a 90 percent increase for the banner group, an insignificant increase for the tv clip one, and a 239.2 percent increase for the combination group. Marketing is often looked at as a way to manipulate people in a negative way–such as getting people to buy junk food–but this study proves it can be used in an extremely positive way. A way that will benefit kids health, not destroy it.

Such a large increase is difficult for schools to ignore. It’s difficult for everyone to ignore. In the article, they discuss how it’s not feasible for each school to do their own marketing for vegetables–it would cost way too much. Instead, they propose a national program that promotes vegetables and other healthy foods across the country. As said in the article: “McDonald’s is effective because you see their marketing everywhere.”

Promoting health in fun ways

Health is often looked at as a chore by children and teens–something not fun, kind of required, and lame. This is why it’s so hard to convince them to eat their vegetables or go outside to get exercise. As a parent, there are ways to make it easier; one of the main ways is to make it fun.

If your child views exercise as a horrible activity, it may be because they associate it with strictly the gym. You can change this view by offering to go on a cool hike nearby or biking around the city together. Get creative, it can greatly improve your kid’s health!

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