Healing In Nature: Five Benefits of Wilderness Therapy Programs

    It’s official: wilderness therapy is one of the most unique, effective forms of therapy. Why you might ask? It’s blend of experiential therapy, adventure therapy, and traditional forms of therapy creates many opportunities for personal growth and success. The benefits of wilderness therapy programs are numerous.

    What are some of the benefits of wilderness therapy?

    I could write a novel about why wilderness therapy works and what makes it so beneficial for struggling teens. However, I’ll just give a few short points about the overall benefits of wilderness therapy and why someone should choose wilderness therapy over other forms of inpatient therapy. Here they are:

    1. Family-focused programming: Wilderness therapy programs offer a variety of family focused programming. Wilderness therapy, or any therapy for that matter, is only effective if the entire family is involved in the healing process. Family focused programming may include family workshops, family seminars, and regular family therapy sessions.
    2. Removed from everyday life: By removing your teen from the distractions found in everyday life, wilderness therapy allows teens to focus on improving their behavior and overall mental health. Gone are the negative influences that may be affecting your teen’s behaviors. In nature, your teen has the time to mull over their past actions and make goals for a successful future.
    3. Clinically intensive: Some people don’t associate being out in nature with clinically intensive programming. However, many wilderness therapy programs offer clinical treatment for the struggling teens who attend the program. They may have any number of psychiatrists and therapists on staff to help teens work through their struggles.
    4. Expert staff: Wilderness therapy programs often have some of the most passionate, caring staff on board. Some wilderness therapy programs have therapists with Master’s Degrees or higher.
    5. Fun adventures: At wilderness therapy programs, your teen will be having fun while healing. While not all of the experience is fun and games, many wilderness therapy programs like to have fun! After all, if your teen is enjoying their elements of their healing process, they are more likely to be engaged in making changes for themselves.


    Trails Carolina is one of the most effective wilderness therapy programs

    Trails Carolina, a wilderness therapy program for teens ages 10-17, helps teens struggling with behavioral and emotional issues like depression, anxiety, trauma, defiance, and attachment issues.

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