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Clearing up the fog: Demystifying myths about teenage depression

Clearing up the fog: Demystifying myths about teenage depression

Think of teenagers as butterflies in cocoons. The only difference between them and metamorphosing creatures is that they have to display their transformation in front of the whole world, without the protection of a warm hiding place. For some teenagers, this is the time when teenage depression begins to rear its ugly face. Teenage depression is something everyone knows about, but there are a few misconceptions about what it actually is and how long it lasts. It’s time to clear up those myths. 

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Fact vs. fiction

  1. Fiction: Teenage depression is not something to be taken seriously. People can just get over it.

  Fact: Teenage depression is a serious health disorder. In order to treat teenage depression, teens need to get professional treatment. It’s not something someone can “just get over”.

  1. Fiction: It happens because of a sad experience.

Fact: Although depression can begin shortly following a traumatic experience, it’s not the only factor influencing the cause of depression. Depression can be caused by a mixture of influences such as biology, genetics and environmental factors.

  1. Fiction: Teenage depression means that you have to be on antidepressants for life.

Fact: The most common form of treatment for teenage depression is a combination of psychotherapy and antidepressant medication. Some studies show that psychotherapy is even more effective of a treatment than medication.

  1. Fiction: Teenage depression isn’t something that lasts for a lifetime.

Fact: Periods of depression often recur throughout a person’s life if they are diagnosed with depression.

  1. Fiction: People can snap out of depression if they think positively.

Fact: Depression is not something that can end merely by someone’s willpower. It’s also not a result of a willingness to be depressed. Depression is a serious health condition that needs to be treated medically, just like any other health problem like diabetes or a heart condition.

  1. Fiction: People who are depressed feel sad.

Fact: Teen depression can display a wide range of symptoms ranging from irritability and anger to a change in energy and appetite. Some people you may consider “happy” may be experiencing depression.

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