Modern Family Takes a Step Forward for Transgender Teens

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Transgender teens are in the midst of a volatile and violent time in America. With bathroom laws and arguments about their “validity,” they can start to feel isolated and alone–but one TV show decided to help make a stand recently. Modern Family invited transgender child actor Jackson Millarker to star in an episode. Millarker will…

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Four Traits that Increase the Risk of Youth Substance Abuse

Substance abuse has been an issue within our society for decades. Due to this, the issues of substance abuse have begun to affect individuals earlier in life. Youth substance abuse has become an increased issue today. A recent article by New York Times discussed new research that is driving to develop prevention programs to help…

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Video Game Addiction in Teens : Effects on the Teen Brain

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Most parents are used to seeing glowing screens as they walk by their teenager’s room. Whether it’s checking Facebook in the morning or playing Call of Duty late into the night, our children’s brains are being constantly stimulated by these devices. Research shows that teens are spending up to eight hours on electronic devices every…

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What DNA Can Tell Us About Depression in Teenagers

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Depression in teenagers is treatable, but there is still so much we don’t understand about it. Every nugget of research or new information is important in paving the way towards better and more efficient treatment for those suffering from depression in teenagers. Recently, ATTN: published an article discussing a new way of identifying mental illness–specifically…

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