The Importance of Self Love: Trails Carolina Primary Therapists Explain

In order to thrive as individuals and take care of our mental health, we need to be able to love ourselves. At Trails Carolina, we believe that self-love and self care are two important foundations for success and happiness. If a student feels successful and confident in themselves, they are more likely to break away…
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What is School Refusal in Teens?

help for school refusal
“I don’t want to go to school! You can’t make me!” Those are all too familiar words for most parents who have children who dislike school or don’t want to go for other reasons. For some, this issue can be solved by getting teens involved in extracurricular activities that they are passionate about. For some…
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Trails Carolina Primary Therapist Discusses Working With Students On The Spectrum

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In all my years working with young people, some of the most notable and eye opening experiences have unfolded while working as Primary Therapist for the Echo group. Consisting of 14-17 year old boys, many students in Echo group share a history of struggling with a broad range of emotional and behavioral challenges, as well…
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Trails Family Specialist Explains Sibling Involvement in the Healing Process

Siblings are often a large part of your life if you have them. They grow up with you, sharing your childhood memories and forming your identity. This is why it’s so essential to include siblings in the healing process at Trails. At Trails, students frequently have had a rough past with their sibling(s). Past arguments,…
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Primary Therapists at Trails Explain How Wilderness Therapy Helps Technology Addiction

video game addiction
Technology addiction is a widespread issue affecting teens all over the world. It is impossible to remove ourselves completely from technology in today’s society. The overuse of technology by adolescents can lead to all sorts of challenges including low self esteem, a lack of social skills, and irritable behavior. Wilderness Therapy Addresses Underlying Challenges At…
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Somatic Experiencing: Primary Therapist Highlights Importance of Building A Sensory Vocabulary

When we experience something really intense or scary, that trauma can become a part of us. It stays deep within our bodies. This is why you often see people who have had traumatic experiences struggling with issues like digestive problems, cramping, and asthma. The idea is that there is a very physical symptom to trauma.…
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Wild Cat Costumes and Improv Theatre: Using Play Based Approaches to help struggling middle schoolers find success

Derry O’Kane, MS, LPC, NCC, Trailblazers Primary Therapist, presented this information at the annual 2017 NATSAP Conference in January. The presentation was entitled.“Wildcat Onesies: A Creative and Play-Based Approach for Latency Aged Boys and Girls”. O’Kane  presented alongside Elizabeth Lucarelli (SUWS of the Carolinas) and Katie Ford MS, NCC, LPC (Lake House Academy for Girls).…
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Understanding The Family: Trails Family Programming Director Discusses Outcomes of Research Findings

For the last couple of years, I have been supporting Dr. Salli Lewis, the Director of the Research Division of CReATE (Center for Research, Assessment, and Treatment Efficacy), with a comprehensive treatment outcomes study exploring family involvement within therapeutic treatment at Trails Carolina. At Trails Carolina, working with families to promote healing is one of…
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Self-Care In The New Year: Resources From Trails Family Coach

For many people, the new year brings with it all sorts of resolutions and pledges to improve overall health. Parents of children struggling with behavioral and emotional challenges may feel like they have too much on their plate to consider thinking about their own mental health and self care. However, it’s important to take time…
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Family Programming Specialist Discusses Sibling Support During The Holidays

How does Trails support siblings during the holidays? For families with children in treatment, the holidays can be a tough time of year. I’ve already written previously blogs on how we provide parent support during the holidays, as well as how we celebrate the holidays at Trails with students. For siblings of Trails students, this…
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