Can Saying a Phrase Help to Improve Teenage Anxiety?

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The Atlantic recently published an article and video covering new research from Harvard Business School about how to improve adult and teenage anxiety: get excited. In the study, they got people to say the words “I am excited” before performing, giving a speech, or taking a test to see if it would improve their performance levels–and it did. By saying this simple phrase, they had improvements of up to 20 percent better than without saying it. This could be used as a great tool in schools for those struggling with overcoming their teenage anxiety.

Why it works

Anxiety and excitement have similarities because they’re aroused emotions. Both emotions include high levels of cortisol, fast heart beats, and preparation for action. The major difference between them is that anxiety is attached to negativity and excitement is attached to positivity. By saying, “I am excited!” you help tell your body not to be afraid. This is much easier than trying to calm yourself completely–which is most often what students suffering from anxiety do.

In the study, when participants said the phrase, it didn’t actually lower anxiety levels or heart rate, it just reframed anxiety as the more positive cousin: excitement. So while participants still had the same underlying anxiety, they were able to deal with it in a more productive, effective way that ended up in overall better performance levels.

How this can help teenage anxiety

Teenagers often have to present projects, give speeches, and take exams–this can be extremely hard for students suffering from anxiety. Though saying this phrase doesn’t solve the problem entirely, it’s just another coping mechanism for a student to have in their metaphorical brain toolbox. Anything that can help an individual struggling with teenage anxiety move throughout the world with a little less stress or get through the school day a little more smoothly is worth a try.

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