The Benefits of Cutting Clutter

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For many teens, being organized can be difficult. You’re still discovering your fashion identity, and with that usually includes clothing scattered around your room. Many of us also hold attachments to certain objects that represent an experience or person we hold dear to us. As we go through multiple experiences throughout life, the objects we acquire also begin to pile up. A recent article by Science Daily discussed new research that states cutting clutter can be beneficial to mental health.

Clutter May Be Linked to Poor Mental Health

Joseph Ferrari, a professor of psychology at DePaul University in Chicago, states:

“When we have too many possession, they can become clutter, and we’ve shown that that has an impact on home. Clutter gets in the way of relationships. Things, not people, become what matters in life, but relationships are what provide us with a sense of community. We identify with our possessions, but when home is plagued by clutter, it gets corrupted in a very harmful way.”

The Dangers of Clutter

According to the research, clutter can be dangerous to our overall wellbeing. Our attachment to objects begins to inhibit us from developing healthy relationships, having a sense of home and personal growth. It’s when clutter begins to interrupt life that it takes priority over relationships and responsibilities. Clutter can overwhelm a person mentally by becoming such a distraction and preoccupation that they can’t focus, or function in their daily environment. When this occurs, cutting clutter in your life may create substantial benefits overall.

Researchers surveyed a group of individuals asking them to complete a survey about place attachment, assessing objective factors like size of living space and demographic information, and also subjective variables like happiness and personal wellbeing. The study received around 1,400 responses. They found that most people who had issues of clutter found that it was becoming an issue in their lives in regards to their wellbeing and relationships.

The Benefits of Cutting Clutter

Cutting down on clutter can create significant changes in your life. Cutting clutter at home, work, or school could help with issues of stress, time management, and feelings of confidence. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your personal spaces, it may be time to look at cutting clutter.

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