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    gender identity issues

    Providing Support To All: Trails Carolina therapists discuss importance of accepting and supporting students of all gender identities

    Feeling comfortable in your own skin is extremely important to your overall mental health. At Trails Carolina, we want all students to feel free to be themselves. That’s why it’s so important for us to help students who identify as transgender or gender questioning to feel affirmed and supported in their exploration process. Letting students…

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    Parenting Tips: Help for Struggling Teen Over the Holidays

    For many families, the holidays mean making gingerbread cookies, building snowmen, relaxing by a warm fire, and spending time with family–but for some, it’s the opposite. For some, it means more stress, more arguments, more challenges. Most people don’t think about help for struggling teen boys and girls during the holidays, but it’s often desperately…

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    treatment for depression

    Treatment for Depression: Smartphones May Be Worsening the Issue

    Smartphones–one is practically in every American teen’s pocket. Nearly 3 in 4 teens own or have access to a smartphone. So, you’re probably thinking: “What does this have to do with treatment for depression?” Well, it seems like smartphones could be linked to causing depression in the first place. We have never experienced the level…

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    Slamming the Door on Defiance: Parenting Tips & Help for Defiant Teens

    Parenting a teen isn’t an easy feat; parenting a teen with defiance issues can seem near impossible. While adolescence is already a tumultuous roller coaster ride of emotions, defiance can make things even more unstable. Tips and real help for defiant teens are available and they’re options parents should definitely consider. Tips for dealing with a…

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    benefits of yoga for teens

    The Benefits of Yoga for Teens Far Surpass Physical Wellness

    It’s been known that the benefits of yoga for teens are plentiful and powerful for centuries–but only recently have we begun to find the scientific reason behind it all. In the modern world, it’s been thought that yoga was a great way to stay fit, but it’s much more than that. Research is revealing that…

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