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    bow drilling

    The Purpose of Bow Drilling in Wilderness Therapy

    There is evidence that humans have been using fire as a survival tool for as long as a million years, but it took several hundred thousand years for us to perfect the skill of building and controlling fires. Over time, we have learned to skip steps along the way and focus more on the size…

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    aggression in teens

    PTSD Can Lead to Aggression in Teens

    People tend to talk more about the “freeze response” in teens who have experienced trauma than to accept the reality of what “fight or flight” can look like. According to research recently published in JNeurosci., traumatic stress can cause aggression by strengthening two brain pathways involved in emotion. Understanding how traumatic experiences may lead to…

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    teens cope with anxiety

    Attachment Style Predicts How Teens Cope with Anxiety

    Anxiety looks different for everyone that experiences it. While it may be one of the most common and most talked about mental health struggles among teenagers, not everyone responds to anxiety treatment in the same way.  Recognizing how attachment styles are influenced by anxiety and vice versa helps loved ones and professionals identify more effective…

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    self esteem for teens on the autism spectrum

    Improving Self Esteem for Teens on the Autism Spectrum

    Low self-esteem is often an ongoing challenge for teens on the autism spectrum. While they are often self-aware of their own interests and struggles, they struggle to communicate these to others due to fear of judgment or not fitting in. Many teens on the spectrum have a tendency to be overly self-critical and have internalized…

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    wilderness therapy programs for middle school

    Wilderness Therapy Programs For Middle School Students

    Adolescence is a significant period of emotional development, where the therapeutic needs of middle schoolers are different from the needs of high schoolers. Teachers understand this and apply different techniques in the classrooms, so why shouldn’t wilderness programs? Currently, Trails is the only wilderness therapy programs for middle school students with single-gender middle school programming…

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    mindfulness based stress reduction

    Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Teens with Anxiety

    A common phrase used to signal anxiety is “I have butterflies in my stomach.” This suggests that people are subconsciously aware of how physical sensations can alert us to anxious thoughts without necessarily making the connection. Teens are often better at noticing signs of physical anxiety than being able to express specific fears they may…

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