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      November 2019

      gratitude in the holiday season

      Showing Gratitude in Relationships Over Holiday Season

      There should be more than one day a year dedicated to giving thanks and showing appreciation for people in your life. The holiday season is a good reminder to focus on spending time with loved ones, giving to others, and acknowledging the positives in one’s life. This can be particularly difficult for teens who are…

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      family stress

      Family Stress Over Holiday Season Leads to Unhealthy Coping

      For some, the winter holidays are the most wonderful time of year. For others, it brings out their inner Grinch, irritated by the joy other people seem to be experiencing during a period of intense family stress. Teens look forward to unstructured time over winter break, but it often only takes a few days of…

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      Why is Nature Nurturing? 4 Benefits of a Wilderness Environment

      The nature-nurture debate has sparked interest in recent years, as people have observed the impact of environmental factors in changing one’s behavior. Most psychologists argue that people’s experiences are shaped by both their nature and how they’ve been nurtured, rather than one or the other. As environmentalists have noted that the human mind is filled…

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