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March 2018

Substance use amongst teens, particularly marijuana use, is still a prevalent issue. Although the percentage of teens who experiment with drugs and alcohol have declined in recent years, the problem is not going away anytime soon. So how can parents address it? And what are treatments for substance use issues in teens? Todd Green, Primary Therapist at Trails Carolina, answers these questions and more below:  Why

“Just think positively.” Easier said than done, right? But there’s more to that statement than meets the eye. Our inner dialogue is extremely important. While we may be saying, “I can do it!” on the outside, we may be telling ourselves over and over again that we can’t--that's a toxic habit. Studies are showing that if you can change that inner dialogue to think positively, your overall

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is extremely important to your overall mental health. At Trails Carolina, we want all students to feel free to be themselves. That’s why it’s so important for us to help students who identify as transgender or gender questioning to feel affirmed and supported in their exploration process. Letting students be their own experts In a wilderness setting, students are in