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November 2016

Seasonal affective disorder in teens is not something that just affects adults. In fact, it can be just as devastating to teenagers as it can be to adults, especially because most teenagers spend just as much time (if not more), inside, in artificial light, during the winter months. Without ample exposure to natural light, the body produces too much melatonin, making a person feel depressed

At Trails Carolina, we believe that family support plays an important role in creating lasting change. Female students in particular may need this family support in order to experience personal growth and empowerment. For girls, wilderness therapy provides a healthy outlet and helps them learn skills they never thought possible before attending our program. Trails Family Programming helps parents better support and empower their daughters In my

It’s widely accepted that boys and girls respond to their environments in very different ways. When it comes to wilderness therapy, a therapeutic approach that has been in use for decades, many programs are designed with the therapeutic needs of boys in mind rather than girls. There is a growing number of female students in wilderness therapy, which means there is a growing need for programming

As a program that offers wilderness treatment for teens, we understand that technology poses a unique opportunity for learning and connection for adolescents. Through technology, teens have the ability to speak and communicate with each other thousands of miles apart. They have access to information and learning tools not previously available to their parents. We also understand that technology poses a great risk, though. Along with

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