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      December 2015

      Recovering from drugs and alcohol: Trails Phases program

      Drugs and alcohol can tear apart a teen’s hopes of future success and happiness. Knowing how to help your teen work through their addiction can feel like an overwhelming task. Many therapeutic programs claim to help teens work through their addiction to drugs and alcohol, but only a few actually help. Seven Challenges is an…

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      Rebellion or Defiance? Six Tips for Parenting a Defiant Teen

      It’s natural for your teen to do things that may be considered rebellious. The teen years are all about experimentation and finding out who you are as an individual. If your teen is defiant and acting out constantly, that behavior needs to be stopped. However, sometimes it can seem impossible to try to control your…

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      Lifting The Weight: Five Tips for Parenting Troubled Teens

      Having a teenager who is struggling with behavioral or emotional problems can weigh on a parent. Not knowing how to help them can consume your life. Teenagers may become troubled for a number of reasons, including home life, influences from peers, personal decisions, and mental health issues. No matter the cause of your teen’s trouble,…

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      Do you hover over your teen? Five tips for a helicopter parent

      Do you find yourself obsessing over the details of your teen’s life? Do you micro manage every part of their day? You may, unbeknownst to you, be a helicopter parent! As parents, sometimes our first reaction is to get super involved in every minutiae of our teen’s lives, especially if they’re hanging out with a…

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