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      Academic Accreditation: A Unique Trails Wilderness Feature

      Trails Carolina is unique among most wilderness programs in that our academic curriculum is accredited by AdvancEd.  This academic accreditation helps ensure successful transfer of academic work at Trails to a student’s next school.

      AdvancED provides accreditation for Trails’ academic curriculum and also performs on-site reviews to ensure Trails maintains high standards.




      Graham Shannonhouse
      Executive Director, Founder
      Jeniveve Rollins – LCSW
      Clinical Director
      Jason McKeown
      Family Therapist, Clinical Director
      Shalene Pierce
      Primary Therapist
      Ashley Brown
      Primary Therapist
      Todd Green
      Primary Therapist
      Derry O’Kane
      Primary Therapist
      Jeremy Whitworth
      Program Director
      Steve O’Neil
      Ecology Specialist
      Anne Westall
      Equine Specialist

      I’m more accepting of the road ahead of me.
      Audrey T., Student