Leaders in Outdoor Therapy from Caring, Experienced Staff

Spending time in the wilderness provides an ideal setting for reflection, free from the distractions and influences of everyday life. Wilderness therapy is an excellent catalyst for behavioral change.

At Trails, we combine this therapeutic environment with research-based clinical expertise, allowing our staff to meet the unique developmental and psychological needs of each student under their care.

Our approach has several key elements that lead to lasting, positive outcomes:

Comprehensive wilderness therapy

combined with a residential base campus and accredited academics


provide students the opportunity to practice and refine their newfound skills across a variety of environments, making it easier to maintain positive habits once they return home

Integrated teams

lead to a more complete assessment of the individual

Powerful integration

with the entire family, including the Parent Workshop, Common Ground, Family Reunification, and weekly calls help to strengthen communication and mend strained relationships

Unparalleled focus on results

Our team is truly mission-driven and has the experience to help your child reverse their negative pattern of behavior and achieve their full potential

Trails Team for Better, More Comprehensive Treatment

When your child is enrolled with Trails Carolina, they’ll have a team of professionals working to help them create long-lasting change. This team includes their primary therapist, a family coach, field instructors, certified teachers, and an equine specialist. Combined, these experts will present your child with new opportunities and challenges to create a diverse, integrated experience. At the end of the day, this results in a more comprehensive assessment and allows your child to learn and reinforce positive behaviors across a variety of rewarding activities.

Different Settings and Experiences for Better Skill Development

Many of our students struggle with anxiety, confidence, or transitions. Outdoor activities undoubtedly open a student’s mind towards reflection, self-awareness, and change, but that alone isn’t enough. At Trails Carolina, our wilderness treatment center creates dynamic changes in a structured setting. Our team helps strengthen students’ new skills across the diverse environments of everyday life.

At Trails, we understand that success in a given environment does not guarantee a student’s ability to transition those skills. In order to create lasting change, we need to help your child become adaptable, which is why we purposely incorporate transitional experiences into the program.

Family Involvement for Long-Lasting Change

Student success is often based on healing strained relationships and developing better communication habits with their family. For this to happen, the entire family needs to undergo a healing process, and learn new skills to support the student’s success.

Applying a family systems approach, we keep your family involved throughout the entire program, utilizing a variety of activities and approaches. These include:

  • Weekly calls from your child’s primary therapist to inform you of their progress, challenges, and opportunities
  • Weekly letter exchanges with your child
  • Weekly collaborative conference calls with a family coach and other families in similar stages
  • Bi-weekly connection with a family coach who also provides sibling support
  • Parent Workshop a few weeks during your child’s stay to connect and better understand the program
  • Family Reunification or “graduation” weekend
  • Family Camp, a 5-day extended stay option for the entire family.

More In-Depth Assessment for Personal Treatment Plans

Our Trails Team combines a variety of specialties and environments to develop the most comprehensive assessment possible for your child. By observing your child in different lights, we’re able to learn when they thrive and when they struggle. We also consider your child in the context of family, peers, school, recreation, and self. This provides a deeper understanding of the individual and allows our team to customize your child’s treatment plan in order to yield greater success.

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