Leaders in Outdoor Therapy from Caring, Experienced Staff

    Wilderness provides time for reflection and natural consequences that are the impetus for behavioral change. Our program is rooted in wilderness. We combine this therapeutic background with clinical theory and research-based practices to address the unique developmental and psychological needs of each student.

    Our Approach combines what our research and experience has proven creates lasting behavioral change:

    1. Comprehensive traditional wilderness outdoor ventures combined with a residential base campus
    2. Multiple transitions from location, activities and staff to practice and refine skills
    3. Integrated Teams including Therapy, Family Therapy, Residential, Academic, and Equine
    4. Powerful Family Programs including Parent Workshop, Common Ground, Family Reunification, and weekly calls
    5. Individualized, experiential approach from dedicated professional
    6. An unparalleled focus on results for your child and the family.

    Trails Team for Better, More Comprehensive Treatment

    Trails Carolina provides you the comfort of knowing that a team of professionals is working with you and your child to create long-lasting change at our wilderness treatment center.

    Your child’s team members include their primary therapist, a family therapist, field instructors, a certified teacher, and an equine specialist. This Trail’s Team approach presents your child with a diverse, integrated experience from professionals who have in-depth expertise in their respective fields. It results in a more complete program and comprehensive assessment of your child.

    Different Settings and Experiences for Better Skill Development

    Many Trails students struggle with anxiety, transitions, and confidence. An outdoor therapy experience undoubtedly opens a child’s mind to self-awareness and change, but many outdoor therapy programs do not challenge the child’s structure, setting, and team leadership in order to solidify the individual’s new coping skills.

    At Trails, we understand that “success” might be limited to a student’s particular experience in a setting or with specific team members. In order to create lasting change, we purposely incorporate multiple transitional experiences within the program.

    Family Involvement for Long-Lasting Change

    Trails’ Carolina involves the family every step of the way so that healing and behavioral changes are long lasting for the entire family. Applying a family systems approach, we involve families in our program utilizing a variety of activities and approaches. This includes:

    • Weekly calls from Primary Therapist with just your family to understand progress and opportunities
    • Weekly exchange of letters with their child
    • Family therapist weekly collaborative calls with other families in similar stages
    • Parent Workshop a few weeks into your child’s stay to connect and better understand the program
    • Family Reunification or “graduation” weekend
    • Family Camp – a 5-day extended stay option for the entire family

    More In-Depth Assessment for Personal Treatment Plans

    Our Trails Team approach provides the most comprehensive assessment for your child and family. We take the extra step to see our students in different lights so that we can learn when they thrive and when they struggle. We also take into account your child in the context of family, peers, school, recreation, and self.

    This provides a deeper understanding of the student and allows our team to customize your child’s treatment plan in order to have greater success.