Dear friends,

Watching a child struggle is heartbreaking, but even more distressing is the sense of helplessness and hopelessness that often accompanies the recent years for families. Trails Carolina can make a difference in your child’s life as we have done for so many.

We understand that this is one of the most difficult decisions you as a parent and/or guardian will be asked to make on behalf of your child. Trails Carolina was founded on the premise that adolescents and their families need and deserve a unique, clinically sophisticated and empowering way to meet their individual needs.

At Trails Carolina, my team and I are committed to working with you to ensure that our unique and dynamic form of wilderness therapeutic intervention is the best possible placement for your child and the entire family.

Our goal is to provide an impactful opportunity for students and their families to interrupt the negative acting out and begin the healing process. Using a variety of clinically sophisticated methodologies, Trails Carolina combines the proven impact of a wilderness experience with a residential and academic base campus environment. Our ability to provide broader assessment ranges allows for more focused personalization, individualization, and best of all, real and sustainable results.

The best and only way we can have this success is by partnering with you and becoming a team united in discovering the right trail to change the course of your child’s life.

Thank you for your consideration of Trails Carolina. We look forward to the opportunity to helping you forge your child’s new path.


Graham Shannonhouse

Graham Shannonhouse

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