A Leader in Wilderness Therapy

The adolescent years represent an angst-ridden period when teens experience emotional, social and academic challenges in their quest for self-discovery. Add an environment filled with overwhelming stimuli and hectic pace of everyday life, many students cope in unhealthy and unproductive ways.

At Trails Carolina, we are here to help get your teen back on track and restore the family unit.

We bring your child back to nature in a wilderness therapy setting and address their problematic behaviors far from the chaos and distractions of modern life. Here they can focus on themselves and begin the healing process. Our multi-disciplinary team of caring expert staff guides them with a physical, psychological and emotional path through wilderness therapy that helps your child renew their sense of self.

Transitions for Real-Life Practice

Trails Carolina is an industry leader; we have over 10 decades of collective experience. Our multi-dimensional wilderness therapy program builds on the strengths of wilderness therapy augmented by a base camp environment that mirrors the ‘real world’.  Combined with an integrated family systems approach, Trails teaches students and families adaptability and resilience which helps ensure lasting positive change.

Our program combines the best of wilderness with the benefits of base camp.  Trails uses the proven elements of wilderness therapy treatment, clinical theory and evidenced-based psychotherapies with a residential and academic base camp to create a program that is clinically driven and results focused. Transitioning between these diverse environments allow your child the best opportunity to make life-altering self-discoveries and learn through challenges while gaining and reinforcing new life skills.

To ensure lasting success, we support and integrate you and your family into the program so you too can acquire the skills to make positive transformations to the entire family system. The Trails Carolina wilderness therapy program’s ultimate goal is to help students and their families successfully transition back together and make lasting changes down the path towards healthier, happier relationships.

Program Highlights

  • Master’s level Therapists
  • Individualized Treatment Planning
  • Focus: Intervention & Assessment
  • Accredited Academics
  • Flexible Lengths of Stay
  • Aftercare Transition Planning
  • Individual & Group Therapy
  • Family Program & Assessment
  • Weekly Family Treatment Planning
  • Parenting Education Materials
  • Clothing, Gear & Equipment Included
  • Psychological Testing – Optional

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