Adventure Week: Building Self Confidence

After their time at our Winding Gap base camp, students will spend one week focused on adventure activities exclusively. Over the course of this week, students work through a series of skill development activities, dependent on which adventure activity is highlighted that week. At the end of the week, students participate in a peak experience that gives students the chance to use the skills they’ve worked on throughout the week in order to accomplish a milestone task. 

Through adventure programming, students gain healthy coping skills that they can apply to their daily lives. Adventure programming also provides the opportunity to address some of the underlying causes of behavioral problems outside of traditional talk therapy sessions. Through activities like rock climbing and canoeing, students learn how to work through challenges with the support of our staff. Any difficult emotions that arise during these activities can be explored by the student and adventure staff in the moment, providing the opportunity to identify how the stressor is affecting them and grow from the experience.

Skill Building Through Experiential Activities

Adventure activities give students the chance to practice their relationship skills. Some students will gravitate toward leadership roles and learn the qualities of being an effective leader. Other students may need help getting out of their shell, and adventure activities provide them the opportunity to build friendships among their peers. For all of our students, learning how to effectively and appropriately communicate their needs in this setting helps them develop self-advocacy skills. 

As students work through their challenges, both mental and physical, they gain the ability to problem-solve. Whether dealing with a literal mountain in front of them, or the thoughts of anxiety in day-to-day life, students learn how to move forward. The goal of adventure programming is to challenge comfort zones in order to build self-confidence while also improving overall mental and physical health.

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