An Evidence-Based and Holistic Approach to Therapy

Trails Carolina brings together a variety of evidence-based and holistic therapeutic practices to provide a life-changing experience for our students. From integrated wellness to therapeutic expression through arts, mindfulness, yoga, and clinical treatment, our program brings together the best of what’s known to help students achieve successful outcomes.

The Trails to Wellness team emphasizes self-care and teaches students to feel confident and capable across a variety of situations and relationships. Students receive Trails to Wellness programming at our Sky Valley campus as a compliment to their science programming and create a self-care plan for life after Trails.

Wellness topics covered include sleep hygiene, self-care practices, nutrition, and responsible use of medicine. Students will even work with our culinary team to actualize nutrition lessons through hands-on learning on how to prepare healthy meals.

Mindfulness to Reduce Stress

Students at Trails Carolina take part in mindfulness curriculum designed to expand their capacity to manage stress in a healthy way. Your child will learn grounding techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing, mindful movement, and meditation techniques to help students develop a deeper sense of their body. Trails students learn to observe their emotions rather than having a strong reaction and gain a deeper sense of themselves by learning to live in the moment.

Throughout their time at Trails, students are regularly encouraged to tune into their senses, pause, and strengthen their mental capacity to be still without the need for constant distractions. These mindfulness techniques are shared with both our students and parents, who can use it as a valuable parenting and coping strategy. Having learned these skills along with your child, you’ll have a common experience that will help to strengthen your relationship and foster healthy communication.

Yoga Strengthens the Mind/Body Connection

Yoga provides both physical and mental benefits to students.  Research on trauma has shown that the impact of traumatic experiences are stored throughout one’s entire body (not just the mind).  Yoga invites students to release this buried tension through flowing movements and focused breathing. Therapeutic yoga sessions serve as a vehicle for students to stand up taller, feel comfortable in their bodies, and empower them to access tools that they have had within themselves all along.  This mind-body connection provides integral support to the traditional clinical modalities used at Trails.

Mindfulness and Yoga are embedded into the daily routine of all Trails Carolina students.  Mornings begin with a guided breathing exercise, and the day closes with a yoga flow and meditation preparing them for a night of restful sleep.  This routine encourages students to develop a true practice that they can take home after their time at Trails.

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