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      Wilderness Therapy Program For Teen Girls Ages 14-17

      Parents tell us all the time that they feel like they lost their teen and are struggling to “get them back” and restore peace to their family. These teen years can be scary for parents and difficult for teens as they deal with issues such as low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, trauma, emotional regulation, school failure, and substance abuse.

      While in Trails’ adolescent program, your daughter will be placed in a group of other girls her age facing similar challenges. Students dealing with anger, anxiety, and depression that lead to impulsivity, defiance, and substance abuse will work with a therapist who specializes in those issues.

      Similarly, girls struggling with anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues and expressing it through poor or few peer relationships, isolation, school refusal, and technology overuse, will work together in a group with a therapist who specializes in those issues. Our team works directly with parents to determine which group is the best fit for each student.


      Success Stories

      Growth in the Wilderness

      The wilderness setting in Western North Carolina provides a powerful backdrop for healing and growth. Here both negative and positive behaviors have natural consequences.

      It may sound simple, but this law of nature administered without judgment turns out to be a powerful tool that helps to instill valuable lessons. Over time, our students begin to understand and take ownership of their actions, leading to long-term success.

      Adolescent girls are typically able to be vulnerable and communicate their emotions, but sometimes these emotions can lead to negative behaviors when the student hasn’t developed skills to regulate and control these emotions.

      Throughout your child’s time at Trails, they’ll participate in a variety of experiential activities, both in the wilderness and at our base camp. These activities are designed to trigger peak emotions, offering teaching opportunities that result in students strengthening their emotional control and self-confidence.

      Benefits of Exercise

      The psychological benefits of physical exercise are well documented. Regular exercise can help to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression, dramatically improve self-esteem, and encourage an overall positive outlook. For this reason, outdoor exercise is an integral part of the Trails wilderness school program. While at Trails, students push their physical limits with hikes and other experiential activities, reaching new pinnacles of self-discovery and confidence.