Wilderness Therapy Program For Single-gender Teens Ages 14-17 Years

    Parents tell us all the time that they feel like they lost their teen and are struggling to “get them back” along with their family going back to normal. These teen years can be scary for parents and difficult for teens as they deal with common issues such as low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, trauma, emotional regulation, school failure and substance abuse.

    Our Adolescent Program is a wilderness therapy program for single-gender teens ages 14-17 years is a unique clinical treatment approach that has proven to be highly effective in helping students identify their limiting emotional beliefs and destructive behavioral habits. Trails Carolina, one of the best troubled teen programs, incorporates all the elements that sustain healthy teens: supportive peer-groups, structured days, and compassionate and boundary-setting adults.


    Success Stories

    Growth in the Wilderness

    The wilderness setting in Western North Carolina provides a powerful backdrop for healing and growth. It is here that negative behaviors carry negative consequences and positive behaviors carry positive consequences. It may sound simple, but this naturally occurs in therapeutic wilderness living. Over time the students begin to understand and take ownership of their actions, leading to greater long-term success.

    The adolescent girl’s group provides a connection and support from their peers. Girls at this age are able to be vulnerable and can communicate their emotions effectively. However, many times emotions get in the way of progress and goals and these young ladies need to learn how to regulate and control their emotions. These powerful lessons are learned on the trail and base camp at Trails, one of the top troubled teen programs. Experiential activities trigger peak emotions and experiences, helping students harness their own internal strength, emotional control and self-confidence. These experiences serve as significant breakthrough moments of self-actualization and insight.

    Benefits of Exercise

    The psychological benefits of physical exercise are well documented. Regular exercise can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression, dramatically improve self-esteem, and encourage an overall positive outlook. For this reason, outdoor exercise is a daily part of the Trails wilderness school program. While at Trails, students enjoy hikes as well as a large variety of experiential activities. Students push their physical limits while reaching new pinnacles of self-discovery and confidence.