Boys Youth ages 10-13 years

Trailblazers is the only single gender middle school at risk youth program in the country. It is specifically tailored to meet the demanding developmental needs of Pre-Teens in a safe wilderness treatment center environment filled with the strong routines, structure, and concrete experiences children this age need. For social reasons and brain development stages, we partition off girls and boys ages 10-13 and provide a therapeutic approach that addresses the specific gender needs of this age group.

Outcome studies show that when youth demonstrate problematic behavior, early interventions provide a greater chance for long-term emotional stability. We have designed our Youth Program to support specific developmental needs of 10-13 year olds, breaking the cycle of troubling behaviors and replacing them with more positive and mature decisions and relationships.

We provide individual and group therapy and foster a safe therapeutic environment that permeates the Trails’ approach into the student’s daily activities. Group conversations focus on the issues relevant to the age group and steer clear of more mature topics that may be inappropriate for this younger age child.


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Curriculum Matches Current Abilities

Trails therapeutic approach to middle school boys reflects how this group regulates their emotion and how they communicate. Pre-teens boys typically express their emotions by shutting down or showing anger. Our therapists and Trails team expose them to other emotional options in a safe and comfortable space. Our curriculum is presented in a concrete and linear manner so that our students can fully understand the information and move successfully through each individual phase.

Boys at this age are just beginning to see their bodies changing and are trying to adjust to new levels of energy and coordination. They need physical activity and venture out on age appropriate expeditions and day hikes that are shorter distance and less intense than our Adolescent At Risk Youth Program. Our Base Campus provides a welcome change for students this age, rather than having youth in the wilderness camp for long periods.

This is a special time that requires motivated and experienced staff members. We will help these boys become comfortable in being exactly who they are and feel empowered by their self-actualized strengths. Our staff is specially trained to let these students be kids, while teaching them skills that will help them mature into their teenage and young adult years.

Graham Shannonhouse
Executive Director, Founder
Jason McKeown
Family Therapist, Clinical Director
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Business Development & Marketing
Shalene Pierce
Primary Therapist
Lindsey Young
Medical Coordinator
Leigh Uhlenkott
Primary Therapist
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Primary Therapist
Todd Green
Primary Therapist
Derry O’Kane
Primary Therapist
Jeremy Whitworth
Program Director
Brian Hannon
Director of Student Life
Steve O’Neil
Ecology Specialist
Anne Westall
Equine Specialist
Josh Garcia
Family Program Manager