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CC Sabathia enters alcohol treatment center: Musings from a member of the Trails team

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This blog post was written by Eric Janoski, a member of the Trails Carolina substance abuse treatment staff, on the topic of CC Sabathia and the stigma of substance abuse. CC Sabathia, pitcher for the New York Yankee’s announced yesterday that he was entering an alcohol treatment center and will miss the playoffs. In a…
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Breaking manipulative cycles: Three signs you have a manipulative teen

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Teenagers are naturally equipped with the art of manipulating their parents to cover their mess and get what they want. However, it is crucial to the overall health of the family and your teen to be on guard to a manipulative teen. Signs of a manipulative teen Many experts agree that a manipulative teen manipulates…
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Recovering from drugs and alcohol: Trails Phases program

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Drugs and alcohol can tear apart a teen’s hopes of future success and happiness. Knowing how to help your teen work through their addiction can feel like an overwhelming task. Many therapeutic programs claim to help teens work through their addiction to drugs and alcohol, but only a few actually help. Seven Challenges is an…
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Showing support: Trails Carolina observes National Recovery Month

national recovery month
Every year, millions of Americans are affected by some form of substance abuse. That’s why it’s so important to support National Recovery Month this September. Many young people dealing with substance abuse issues don’t understand that this is an issue that can stay with them for the rest of their lives. National Recovery Month recognizes…
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Overcoming ambivalence: motivational interviewing and substance abuse

motivational interviewing
When a teen is struggling with alcohol and drug abuse, finding them the best treatment possible is crucial to their recovery process. One form of treatment used to help teens struggling with these issues is known as motivational interviewing.  Motivational interviewing helps teens get back on the right track towards living a positive, healthy lifestyle.…
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Wilderness Therapy Creates Positive Change in the Brain

wilderness therapy
Experiences in nature decrease negative thoughts In a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers led by Gregory Bratman from Stanford University found a link between positive thinking and nature. It only took a 90-minute stroll through some greenery to elicit a change in the way people were thinking. Those who…
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More than an American Dream: Benefits of family dinners

family dinners
In today’s hectic world, it’s hard to get two minutes to talk to your children, let alone an entire meal’s worth. We live in a “grab n’ go” world where teens head from school straight to their extracurriculars which may last until after dinner time. Because of this, family dinners have kind of become a…
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Shiny packages poisoning teens: The dangers of synthetic marijuana

synthetic marijuana
In today’s culture, marijuana use by teens is pretty widespread and well known to mainstream culture. It’s a dangerous drug because of the effect it can have on teen brains. However, nowadays, there’s a profoundly dangerous drug camouflaging as marijuana’s cousin: synthetic marijuana. This new drug in town goes by the name of “Spice”, K2,…
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A constant battle: oppositional defiant disorder in teens

oppositional defiant disorder
In every school, there are a few notoriously “bad” kids. These young people are defiant to authority figures like teachers and administrators, and act out at home, too. But some of these kids can’t help their insubordination. Oppositional defiant disorder in teens is a pattern of irritability and defiant, insubordinate behavior that lasts at least six…
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Keira Knightley and Therapists: Beating the Stigma in Mental Health

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At a party, you’re talking with a friend about what’s going on in their life. Suddenly, their tone becomes hushed and they say, “I’ve gone to see a therapist recently for the problem I’m having.” Why did your friend feel the need to talk about going to see a therapist in hushed tones? Probably because…
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