Discovering Inner Strength: Boosting Self-Esteem in Teens with Wilderness Therapy

Teen girl struggling with low self-esteem in teens scrolls social media.
At Trails Carolina, we understand the crucial role of discovering inner strength in fostering personal growth and emotional well-being for youth and teens struggling with low self-esteem. Our transformative approach to wilderness therapy seamlessly combines the power of nature, group dynamics, and self-reflection to empower individuals seeking to improve their lives and build lasting self-esteem.…
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The Harmful Effects of Social Media on Teen Girls

For many years, teenagers relatively followed the same path when it came to socializing. Football games and after-school dances were a time for adolescents to get together and build new friendships outside a restricted schedule. The weekends were filled with days on the beach and hanging out at the local mall. When it came to…
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The Purpose of Bow Drilling in Wilderness Therapy

bow drilling
There is evidence that humans have been using fire as a survival tool for as long as a million years, but it took several hundred thousand years for us to perfect the skill of building and controlling fires. Over time, we have learned to skip steps along the way and focus more on the size…
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New Year, New Me: Five Ideas For Realistic New Years Resolutions

Everyone knows New Year’s resolutions can be hard to keep. With goals like losing weight and staying active, people may start the year off on the right foot but start to renege on their commitment as the year goes on. Creating realistic New Year’s resolutions can prevent feelings of failure or discouragement and instead keep…
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Practicing Mindfulness Over The Holiday Season

Over the holiday season it can be difficult to stay present and in the moment. At Trails Carolina, we encourage both families and students to engage in mindfulness practices during this time of year to help focus on the “here and now”. How is practicing mindfulness during the holiday season helpful for Trails students? During…
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Talking Boys and Body Image: Helping Boys Struggling With Body Image

The body image issue is often booming among girls. Dr. Roberts addresses the complex stigma that exists among the male population, “…there seems to be a stigma around males being too concerned with body image, and yet, there is societal pressure on males to meet certain physical ideals, like being very muscular. So, in a…
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Avoid a Bummer Summer: Summer Options For A Struggling Teen

Summertime is here! This means the teens are out of school. Unfortunately, with less supervision, summertime invites some to see what kinds of shenanigans they can get in to. If you have an at-risk or troubled teen living in your home, don’t worry. Come up with a plan and explore your options for keeping your…
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Taking Things Outdoors: The benefits of wilderness therapy for teens struggling with trauma

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a full body experience. Trauma affects people’s memory, emotions, and body. Sometimes traditional therapy isn’t enough. While traditional talk therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy can be helpful, sometimes your teen needs a little more. Wilderness therapy offers a revolutionary approach to treatment. Teens can be defiant and uncooperative. The thought of…
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Teen Substance Use: How Wilderness Therapy Can Help

Substance abuse in teens, particularly marijuana use, is still a prevalent issue. Although the percentage of teens who experiment with drugs and alcohol have declined in recent years, the problem is not going away anytime soon. So how can parents address it? And what are treatments for substance use issues in teens? Todd Green, Primary…
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4 Benefits of Sending Your Teen to A Program for Troubled Youth This Summer

A boy in shorts, cap, and tee-shirt climbs rough wooden stairs up an embankment in a forest.
When school comes to a close and summer begins, many parents start to panic. Especially if your teen has been struggling, summer can seem like a nightmare. Most parents still have to work and can’t take off the entire summer to keep an eye on their children–this leads to less supervision and more recklessness. For…
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