Social Struggles

From Solitude to Solidarity: Overcoming Teenage Social Isolation with Wilderness Therapy

Struggling with teenage social isolation, a girl with long brown hair sits with her knees up and arms crossed on a grey sofa, looking away from the viewer.
Teenage social isolation has become a pressing concern in today’s world. It can arise from various sources, including academic pressures, family conflicts, and the pervasive influence of technology.  The effects of social isolation go beyond surface-level emotions, impacting young minds profoundly. Feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety, and diminished self-esteem are common among those affected. This…
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Staying True to Yourself: Overcoming Peer Pressure through Wilderness Therapy

Teen boy jumps over a fire because of peer pressure at a high school party.
Peer pressure is a common challenge that many individuals face throughout their lives. The desire to fit in and be accepted by friends can sometimes lead to compromising personal values and beliefs. It is important to develop strategies to manage this external influence, as not addressing it can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression…
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Finding Strength in the Wilderness: Overcoming Teen Bullying Through Therapeutic Approaches

Young boy in yellow shirt overcoming teen bullying.
Overcoming teen bullying can be difficult for adolescents and their families. Bullying is a pervasive issue that affects many children and teenagers, causing significant emotional distress and long-term psychological consequences. Trails Carolina, a leading wilderness therapy program, offers a unique and effective approach to help both children and teens who have been bullied and those…
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Treatment For Anxiety In Teens: How Wilderness Therapy Can Help

A red-headed young woman sits on a hilltop overlooking forested mountains in front of her.
At Trails Carolina, we will give your child the skills to manage anxiety in real-time as soon as they arrive on our campus. They will very quickly gain a sense of belonging at Trails because of the sense of community that naturally occurs with the other students who are dealing with the common struggles of learning to manage adolescent anxiety.
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Social Isolation in Teens: The Damaging Effects of Being Left Out

Social Isolation in Teens
Teens are social creatures. Just pay attention next time you’re out with your daughter and her friends. If one of them has to go to the bathroom, they will likely all accompany her. Peer relationships are a vital part of your child’s development. So, if your son or daughter is experiencing social isolation, it needs…
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What Role Does Social Media Play in Behavior Issues?

social media and behavior problems
Social media has an unavoidable impact on how we view ourselves. Excessive use of technology is often associated with a distorted worldview and less time devoted to healthy behaviors. Researchers have spent a lot of time analyzing the effect of social media on teen mental health but are just starting to take a look at…
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The Pandemic’s Affects on Mental Health In Teens

mental health issues in teens
The negative impact the mental health crisis has had on teens has been growing steadily over the past decade, and these effects have been compounded by the pandemic. For the millions of American children that are struggling with developmental, behavioral, or emotional disorders, they rely on treatment that the pandemic has made it nearly impossible…
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What To Do When Your Kid Is the Bully: How to Help Your Child

Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder treatment for kids and teens.
No parent wants to find out their child is being a bully. We parents spend so much time taking care of our children and trying to teach them right from wrong, and it can be painful to think of your child causing harm to other children. But bullying is also a serious issue for the…
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