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      Self Esteem

      self esteem for teens on the autism spectrum

      Improving Self Esteem for Teens on the Autism Spectrum

      Low self-esteem is often an ongoing challenge for teens on the autism spectrum. While they are often self-aware of their own interests and struggles, they struggle to communicate these to others due to fear of judgment or not fitting in. Many teens on the spectrum have a tendency to be overly self-critical and have internalized…

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      outdoor therapy for teens with low self esteem

      The 4 for You: Outdoor Therapy for Teens with Low Self-Esteem

      Being surrounded by nature is a place that is conducive to healing. Outdoor therapy for teens with low self-esteem can be extremely beneficial. Low self-esteem can present itself in many different ways depending on the individual. With low self-esteem, teens may find it difficult to navigate themselves socially. The teenage years can be tough. Adolescents…

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