Discovering Inner Strength: Boosting Self-Esteem in Teens with Wilderness Therapy

Teen girl struggling with low self-esteem in teens scrolls social media.
At Trails Carolina, we understand the crucial role of discovering inner strength in fostering personal growth and emotional well-being for youth and teens struggling with low self-esteem. Our transformative approach to wilderness therapy seamlessly combines the power of nature, group dynamics, and self-reflection to empower individuals seeking to improve their lives and build lasting self-esteem.…
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Finding Strength in the Wilderness: Overcoming Teen Bullying Through Therapeutic Approaches

Young boy in yellow shirt overcoming teen bullying.
Overcoming teen bullying can be difficult for adolescents and their families. Bullying is a pervasive issue that affects many children and teenagers, causing significant emotional distress and long-term psychological consequences. Trails Carolina, a leading wilderness therapy program, offers a unique and effective approach to help both children and teens who have been bullied and those…
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Breaking the Chains: Reducing Self-Harm in Youth and Teenagers Through Wilderness Therapy

Teen looks out the window of a car with a sad expression on her face.
Self-harm behaviors are a growing concern worldwide, presenting serious challenges for young people.  While the root causes of self-harm, or self-injury, can differ extensively, they often stem from interpersonal factors and a wide range of stressors in one’s social and emotional environment.  Addressing these behaviors effectively often requires a holistic approach that considers not only…
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Exercise and Mental Health

Not every person can tolerate modern psychotropic medications intended to treat many of these psychological conditions. At least 20% of people cannot tolerate medications for allergies or other reasons. Because of that, finding alternative solutions that can be adjusted to personal treatment plans is important. Exercise has many health benefits for both mind and body.…
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Empowering Teens: Boosting the Self-Esteem of Teens on the Spectrum

self esteem for teens on the autism spectrum
Low self-esteem is often an ongoing challenge for teens on the autism spectrum. While they are often self-aware of their own interests and struggles, they struggle to communicate these to others due to fear of judgment or not fitting in. Many teens on the spectrum have a tendency to be overly self-critical and have internalized…
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The 4 for You: Outdoor Therapy for Teens with Low Self-Esteem

outdoor therapy for teens with low self esteem
Being surrounded by nature is a place that is conducive to healing. Outdoor therapy for teens with low self-esteem can be extremely beneficial. Low self-esteem can present itself in many different ways depending on the individual. With low self-esteem, teens may find it difficult to navigate themselves socially. The teenage years can be tough. Adolescents…
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Music Expression: The Effects of Music on Teen Self Esteem

teen self esteem
Most parents would (rightly) agree: their child is special. With this, it can be all the more heartbreaking to see your child suffer from a low opinion of themselves. Indeed, how could it be? You see that they’re special – so how could your child not see it? Unfortunately, there is no catch-all cure to…
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Overcoming ambivalence: motivational interviewing and substance abuse

motivational interviewing
When a teen is struggling with alcohol and drug abuse, finding them the best treatment possible is crucial to their recovery process. One form of treatment used to help teens struggling with these issues is known as motivational interviewing.  Motivational interviewing helps teens get back on the right track towards living a positive, healthy lifestyle.…
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In The News: Big Company Addresses Teen Self-Esteem Using Taboo Tool

Using a taboo tool with a sour reputation to launch a national campaign toward teens? Leave it to Dove. Dove uses Snapchat, an app many parents, schools and media outlets associate with teen sexting, to teach girls self-esteem.
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