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Substance abuse is every parent's worst nightmare, whether it's alcohol or drugs like marijuana. Dealing with teenagers is hard on its own, but when you have a defiant teenager using drugs, things get a lot more complicated. And although you might think your teenager is just “experimenting“ with drugs, keep in mind that these things can very quickly go awry, and lead your teen down

Most parents know what is like to live with a defiant teenager. Teens often feel inclined to push buttons and test the limits enforced upon them. This can be extremely frustrating for parents and create a constant power struggle within the home. The teenage years are when one is trying to figure out where they fit in the world and who they want to be.

Parenting a teen isn’t an easy feat; parenting a teen with defiance issues can seem near impossible. While adolescence is already a tumultuous roller coaster ride of emotions, defiance can make things even more unstable. Tips and real help for defiant teens are available and they're options parents should definitely consider. Tips for dealing with a defiant teenager Argument after argument after argument with your teen can