Breaking Free from Technology Addiction: How Trails Carolina Helps Kids Reconnect with Nature as a Form of Technology Addiction Treatment

Teen girl sits on the floor in her room looking at her smartphone. Get technology addiction treatment.

In an increasingly digital modern world, technology use has become integral to our daily lives. While technology offers numerous benefits and conveniences, the overuse and dependency on smart phones and other digital devices can lead to various negative consequences, including technology addictions, compulsive internet use, and video game obsession. Young people, in particular, are susceptible…

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The Impact Of Family Involvement on At-Risk Youth

The impact of family involvement in at-risk youth programs: family engages in communication activity outdoors.

At-risk youth programs are designed to help young people who are struggling with a variety of issues, including behavioral problems, risk behaviors such as self-harm and substance abuse, and mental health issues. Family involvement in these programs is critical to the success of the child’s treatment and long-term recovery. When families are actively involved in…

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7 Tips For Building Trust and Positive Relationships When Working with At-Risk Youth

wilderness program staff and student

We recognize that building authentic, positive relationships with the at-risk youth we serve is key to helping them feel safe and supported, overcome their challenges, and thrive. Trust and connection are essential components of building positive relationships with at-risk kids and teens, whether you are their parent, sports coach, school teacher, therapist, another mental health…

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Treatment For Anxiety In Teens: How Wilderness Therapy Can Help

A red-headed young woman sits on a hilltop overlooking forested mountains in front of her.

At Trails Carolina, we will give your child the skills to manage anxiety in real-time as soon as they arrive on our campus. They will very quickly gain a sense of belonging at Trails because of the sense of community that naturally occurs with the other students who are dealing with the common struggles of learning to manage adolescent anxiety.

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Depression And Anxiety Are More Common Than You Think

Woman sits in a window sill of a dark room, silhoutted against the building and tree outside.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses in the U.S. It is common for someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder to also suffer from depression and vice versa. The number of children and adolescents that struggle with anxiety and/or depression has increased over time. According to a report from 2011-2012, more than 1…

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New Year’s Mental Health Resolutions for 2022

Mental Health New Year's Resolutions

Traditionally the start of the new year is a time for adjustments and goal setting. We reflect on what we didn’t like about the previous year and optimistically make plans for bettering ourselves for the next. This time is ideal for incorporating these new year’s resolutions into one’s personal life. Most people focus on their…

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