Applying to one of the best programs for troubled teens and struggling young adults

Applying to one of the best programs for troubled teens

Applications are accepted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will review your application within 48 hours. You are one phone call away from enrolling your child into one of the best programs for troubled teens or struggling young adults. No matter where your child is on their journey we are there for them.

Submitting an application is the first step to ensuring Trails Carolina is the right step for your child and the family. It helps us better understand what the challenges are with a child and within the family. The application also helps ensure Trails Carolina is the best fit out of all of the Programs for Troubled Teens or Struggling Young Adults.


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An Integral Part of the Team

There are many options for your child’s care after Trails Carolina. Finding the right aftercare setting for your child’s particular issues after they have been at Trails, which is one of the top programs for troubled teens and teens who are struggling, is an important factor for long-term success. In order to help you sift through the seemingly endless options of adolescent treatment facilities, Trails Carolina can connect you with an Educational Consultant. These professionals are experts in knowing and understanding therapeutic programs, and their mission is to find the right fit for your child and family. If you are interested in finding a consultant that can help you and your child, please call our admissions counselor Toll Free at 888-387-2457.

At Trails Carolina, your Educational Consultant is part of the team, helping your family get the very best treatment possible by searching through the best programs for troubled teens. We view Consultants as another partner invested in your family’s success. We work together with your Educational Consultant in creating long-term solutions to the challenges you face.

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