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Wilderness Therapy To Help Manage Autism and Aspergers

Our wilderness therapy program can help students on the autism spectrum gain confidence, improve their social skills, and learn to communicate appropriately and effectively.

Families come to us when their children are struggling with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. Our therapeutic program gives students the support they need to work through these challenges and get their lives back on track.

Students benefit from an individualized approach, with clinicians and staff able to meet students where they are. Families need help in supporting their child’s unique needs and challenges. With students on the spectrum, we typically see challenges such as:

  • Inability to regulate emotions
  • Difficulty communicating needs appropriately or effectively
  • Trouble socializing with peers
  • Low self-esteem and confidence
  • Acting out behaviors

How Our Wilderness Therapy for Autism Helps Teens

Our wilderness therapy programs helps address these challenges in a nature-focused setting. The wilderness therapy program at Trails Carolina provides a supportive environment for students who need a place of reflection and growth. Our licensed clinicians provide individual and group therapy for adolescents and teens. Students also participate in adventure programming and experiential learning activities.

Individualized Treatment Plans Help Students Thrive

The teen years can be difficult. Our goal is to prepare your child for the changes and challenges they’ll face. Teaching healthy habits now will encourage positive choices in the future. Our individualized treatment plans help students identify their challenges and learn new skills to overcome them.

Wilderness Therapy Jobs working with adolescents and teens toward mental health, behavioral, and pathological demand avoidance treatment.

What Will Your Child Participate In At Trails Carolina?

Our wilderness therapy program includes individualized treatment planning, family programming and assessments, flexible lengths of stay and aftercare transition planning. Students will participate in individual and group therapy.

Gaining New Skills

At our wilderness therapy program for autism and Asperger’s, students learn communication skills, build confidence, and gain valuable personal insights through the wilderness setting.

Our Groups

At Trails Carolina, we provide a safe, healthy environment for a variety of age groups to receive treatment. We offer wilderness therapy programs for preteen boys (10-13), preteen girls (10-13), teen girls (14-17), and teen boys (14-17).

Wilderness Therapy for Boys 10-13

Wilderness Therapy for Girls 10-13

Wilderness Therapy for Girls 14-17

Wilderness Therapy for Boys 14-17

We believe that segmenting groups by age and gender allows our team of mental health professionals, wilderness and adventure camp field instructors, and accredited education consultants to provide more focused and effective personalized care to each student. Additionally, evidence shows that using segmented peer groups helps students learn to build positive relationships among their own peers. This makes the transition back to traditional school settings easier for young people. And it helps our students learn how to interact and build healthy connections for life.

Everything we do at Trails Carolina is meant to prepare students and families to transition their wilderness experience into the real world and create a bright future.

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Trails saved my daughter’s life. Amanda is an amazing human and a brilliant therapist. I am so grateful to her, Science Steve, and the other wonderful people who could reach my daughter at a time when I could not.

Margot Lowman August 2022

Great life changing experience for our son. After becoming addicted to gaming during covid he was very depressed. At Trails he experienced the wilderness, Science Steve, learning survival skills and top notch therapy and support etc… I highly recommend! This gave our son and our family a renewed family bond full of love and excitement about his bright future.

Winnifred Wilson July 2022


Outstanding clinical work and superb staff! There’s a great culture at this company and it shows with how they engage with families/clients.

Kristin Brace June 2022