Inspiring Connections to Wildlife and Natural Resource Conservation at Trails Carolina

    The Nature Center Program at Trails Carolina provides unique science-based field studies and projects coursework to help open the eyes and minds of the students to the natural world around us.

    img_6638Through the direction of Trails Carolina Naturalist Steve O’Neil, this special module is designed to build bridges and strong bonds of fascination between the students and science, animals, and the natural world. This adventure therapy program also provides teachable moments for our students to further experience the gains learned from wilderness therapy at Trails Carolina.

    Hands-on Lessons From Custom-Designed Citizen Science Field Studies.

    img_6657The classroom curriculum at Trails Carolina includes hands-on lessons from custom-designed citizen science field studies. By employing his collection of creatures such as reptiles, amphibians, insects, arachnids, and Opossums, Steve works to inspire connections between these misunderstood animals and our often misunderstood students.

    img_6651Steve also works to introduce the students to real wildlife and natural resource conservation projects that benefit the selected species and their habitats not just on the Trails Carolina campus, but everywhere. These connections often form lasting bonds between the students and the animals that will not only help with student’s therapy but also foster lasting respect, love, and possible future wildlife conservation.