Taylor’s Success Story

Learn About How Trails Carolina Has Helped Taylor

Taylor is a 14 year-old teen girl from Nashville, Tennessee who came to Trails Carolina for a variety of issues. Some areas where she was struggling included behavioral issues with her family, inappropriate relationships with her peers, and self-harm.

Through her experiences at Trails, Taylor has been able to learn much about herself. “Just because you’ve done wrong doesn’t mean you are wrong”.

For her, learning that lesson has helped her to turn a new leaf and see her world from a different perspective.

To her, being at Trails was kind of like living in a smaller version of reality. She was existing, living, and thriving in a community with other peers who are going through similar struggles.

With the help of Trails therapists, field staff, and her peers, Taylor now believes that she is capable of overcoming any issues that may come her way.

“I would recommend trails to many people. It’s hard, but it is something that has for sure changed my life!”

Taylor is a Trails Carolina Success Story, and your daughter can be too. Give us a call today at (800) 975-7303.

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