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Success Stories

Here are a few of our stories of success



Our problems didn’t materialize overnight and the solutions will take commitment and time. Trails has been there, always available to provide calming thoughts and reassurance.



We are most grateful for Hope’s experience at Trails and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity Hope had to examine the masks she was making and to own them and to share her genuine, pleasant self with us and with others. She has become the happy, productive adult we prayed she would be as she enters adulthood.



Amelia came to Trails struggling with chronic lying and defiant behavior at home. She was managing to do okay in school – but as her workload increased, she had more difficulty paying attention in class and completing assignments.



Trails’ innovative and in-depth family therapy and Graduation Camp were instrumental in Grace’s success and the success of the entire family. Mom commented, “Through this journey our family embraced each opportunity to learn new ways to communicate.”


Cantrell Family

My husband and I began the daunting task of identifying drug treatment for our son after several years of broken promises, relapses, and legal problems. My initial contact with the admissions counselor at Trails Carolina was a relief.