Steve O’Neil

Director of Science Environmental Education Program

Steve is a Naturalist and science educator at Trails whose mission is to open the eyes and minds of the students to the natural world around us. Through his unique science-based wildlife and natural resource conservation, and renewable energy-themed classes, he works to introduce and direct our students into productive and lasting discovery of the world around them. The hands-on lessons from custom-designed citizen science field studies and projects, “Science Steve,” as the students call him, works to introduce the students to real wildlife conservation projects that benefit the selected species and their habitats not just on campus, but everywhere.  In addition to his studies in wildlife and fisheries management, recreational management and zooarchaeology in college, he brings 25 years of experience working in wildlife conservation and education and has conducted thousands of educational nature and wildlife presentations and treks to countless numbers of children and adults. He works to inspire connections between these misunderstood animals and our often misunderstood students.