Our programs for troubled youth and adolescents offers a Family Camp program for families, too.

Our programs for troubled youth and adolescents offers a Family Camp program for families, too.

An extended program for parents, siblings, and your Trails student to help change the family dynamic.

 “I can honestly say that we are a closer family because of what we learned at Trails Carolina. I loved it all!” – Darla W., mother

Family Camp for Additional Practice

In our experience, families dealing with issues at home benefit from programs for troubled youth and teens. Families at these programs sometimes see tremendous progress in the wilderness setting and struggle to bring those changes home.  At Trails we focus intently on involving the family to improve the likelihood of long-term change for your child and the entire family.
This is why we created a 5-day extended Family Camp program at the end of Trails experience.
Family Camp is designed to provide skills and training for the entire family.  Families recognize change doesn’t occur overnight and so Family Camp provides an incredible opportunity to understand how to make changes last and bring the families together.
If you choose to attend Family Camp, you and your child will live, cook, eat, and recreate together over the course of 5 days, all under the guidance and advice of our licensed therapists.  It as an amazing opportunity to solidify the progress gained over the time that your family has spent with Trails Carolina.
Our therapists will create experiences that will test and strengthen your new skills, and help you process the experiences in order to maximize the benefits of the time shared with our trained professionals.
As families progress through Trails’ programs for troubled youth, we will work with each family on the appropriate time for your child to complete the Trails experience, next steps, and whether Family Camp is the right choice for your family.


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I’m more accepting of the road ahead of me.
Audrey T., Student