Getting Back On A Productive Path

When your child is on a dangerous and unproductive path that threatens their future, it is completely normal to feel scared, disappointed, and angry. We understand the distress this causes your family, and have designed our adolescent program to address these issues and allow everyone involved to heal. Just a few short months in Trails wilderness therapy can lay the foundation for a healthier, happier future.

Our adolescent program is a single-gender wilderness program for teens ages 14-17 years that incorporates everything needed for a teenager to improve their emotional health: supportive peer-groups, structured days, and compassionate and boundary-setting adults.

We incorporate proven therapeutic practices designed to address behavior problems and give the teen tools to change their negative behaviors. This approach is especially effective with teenagers because adolescence is a time of rapid brain development in preparation for adulthood.

Helping Teenage Boys Express Their Emotions

At Trails, teenage boys often struggle with vulnerability and have a difficult time getting in touch with and expressing their emotions in healthy ways. This often manifests as anger and anxiety. To overcome this, our students learn to discuss issues and concerns in a healthy way, through wilderness therapy, group activities, and individualized clinical therapy.

Throughout his time at Trails, your son will learn to dig into his emotions to uncover what is truly bothering him, and work to communicate and resolve that rather than lashing out in anger. He will benefit from  increasing his emotional vocabulary to identifying feelings, to how to best communicate with family members, peers, and authority figures.

Travis Wireback, LCSW

Trails Truly Works

Between starting at Trails Carolina and one year after graduation, 91% of 14-17 year olds saw an improvement in ADHD symptoms.

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The Therapeutic Benefits of Exercise

Physical activity is an important piece of the adolescent program at Trails. Our highly trained staff will safely lead each group through experiences and activities that include multi-day wilderness expeditions, survival skills training, building and establishing campsites, team-oriented sports activities, relational intelligence work with horses and group games. These activities will challenge your child and become a metaphor for the work that needs to be done as they learn to control their emotions.

While in Trails’ adolescent program, your son will be placed in a group of other boys his age facing similar challenges. Students dealing with anger, anxiety, and depression that lead to impulsivity, defiance, and substance abuse will work with a therapist who specializes in those issues.

Similarly, boys struggling with anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues and expressing it through poor or few peer relationships, isolation, school refusal, and technology overuse, will work together in a group with a therapist who specializes in those issues. Our team works directly with parents to determine which group is the best fit for each student.

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