Getting Back On A Productive Path

    Parents contact us worried that their teenage child has veered off course and is out of control—often their child is defiant, socially isolated, anxious, or particularly sad / depressed. The result is a child on a treacherous and unproductive path with a very uncertain future. This affects the entire family unit, causing a never-ending cycle of disappointment, hurt and anger. We understand these concerns and have designed the Adolescent Program to specifically address these issues. Just a few short months in Trails wilderness therapy , one of the best wilderness therapy programs for troubled teens, can start a path for a lifetime of change.

    Our Adolescent Program is a single-gender wilderness program for teens ages 14-17 years that incorporates all the elements that sustain healthy teens: supportive peer-groups, structured days, and compassionate and boundary-setting adults. We incorporate proven therapeutic practices designed to address behavior problems and give the teen tools to change their negative behaviors. These behavior modifications methods are inclined to be highly effective in teenagers because of the stage of their brain development at this time.


    Success Stories

    Helping Teenage Boys Express True Emotions

    At Trails, one of the best wilderness programs for troubled teens, teenage boys often struggle with vulnerability and have difficult time getting in touch with their emotions. This usually manifests as anger and anxiety. The wilderness environment, similar peer group and supportive clinical and field service team allow him to share and discuss issues and concerns in a more open, comfortable environment. The adolescent learns to transform his emotions from anger to the real underlying issue such as hurt, confusion and loss. We teach them ways to increase their emotional vocabulary to handle their feelings in a healthy way and to make better connections with their family.

    Physical activity is an important piece of the male adolescent program at Trails. Our highly trained staff will safely lead each group through challenging experiences and activities that include multiple-day wilderness expeditions, wilderness survival skills, building and establishing safe campsites, team oriented sports activities, relational intelligence work with equine and playing games. These activities will challenge the student and become a metaphor for the emotional work that needs to be tackled. They learn and practice the skills to control their emotional regulation.