Luke Johnson

Youth Field Director

Luke is the Youth Field Manager at Trails Carolina. Creating solutions with empathy is the first step for each field instructor to cultivate lasting connections with our students. As an Appalachian State University Outdoor Experiential Education graduate, his coursework focused on the beauty and benefits found in the mountains of Western North Carolina. He knows how much healing can come from having a hands-on, immersive experience right here in this region.

Luke started as a field instructor at Trails and understood firsthand the challenges of the role. He is now responsible for helping train instructors to problem solve within field groups. After years of his own experience in the field, Luke’s passion is mentoring our instructors.

Since 2013, Luke has improved the lives of young adults and adolescents through Learning Disability specific adventure programming, health and wellness recreation retreats, and working in outdoor expedition planning for students in a university setting. His goal is to invest time into helping our students discover strengths while in the wilderness and ultimately create lasting change.

When not in the field, Luke enjoys hiking, fishing, or kayaking in the many forests and wilderness areas throughout the country.