Jessica Success Story

Learn About How Trails Carolina Has Helped Jessica

Jessica is a 15 year old girl from Dallas, Texas. She came to Trails Carolina in the Spring of 2015.

Some of the struggles that Jessica was facing before she came to Trails Carolina were depression, anxiety, and unhealthy relationships. Reflecting back, Jessica states, “I wasn’t appreciating myself like I should be.” Through her journey at Trails, Jessica has learned that it’s alright to make mistakes because those mistakes don’t define you.

“The staff, they really care. It’s just a really supportive place to be.”

Bonding with many staff and living in such a supportive environment has helped her become the person she wanted to be. Trails Carolina guided her onto a healthy path and equipped her with the ability to deal with obstacles in the future.

“Trails Carolina has helped me become who I want to be, I would totally recommend trails!”

We can help your daughter find her true self, and become who she wants to be. Please give us a call today at (800) 975-7303.

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