Wilderness Therapy and Video Game Addiction for Young Adults

Wilderness Therapy for Internet Addiction

An Internet addiction or gaming addiction can be very damaging to a child’s future. Trails Carolina can offer solutions to these challenging internet addictionIssues. Trails offers addiction treatment services for Internet Addiction, Video Game Addiction and Computer Addiction by removing the technology dependence and replacing it with healthier habits.
Are you wondering what constitutes an addiction to these various outlets? Does your teen or young adult lose track of time, isolate from real life friends and family, or use the internet as an outlet when stressed, sad, or looking for a release?
Those addicted to games, internet, or computers often forget to take even the most basic level of care for themselves. Studies show that teens and young adults who suffer from video game or internet addiction are more hostile and are more likely to argue than others.

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Who is at risk?

Young adults who:

  • Suffer from Anxiety
  • Suffer from Depression
  • Have other addiction issues
  • Lack social support and are looking to connect with virtual friends
  • Are unhappy or generally struggle with emotional regulation
  • Are less mobile or socially active than they once were

How does Trails help?

internet addictionWe provide structure and get our clients back to a starting point where they develop the skills necessary to be successful. In the Wilderness our clients learn to live a life without video games or technology and develop interests and skills in the outdoors to beat the addiction.
At Trails we offer a free consultation to families struggling with issues surrounding young adult addiction issues. One of our experienced counselors is available around the clock to help you find answers.
Call now at (800) 975-7303 or fill out the form to the right for more information about how Trails can help.

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Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness Therapy

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I’m more accepting of the road ahead of me.
Audrey T., Student

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