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An Adventure Family Therapy Experience on Common Ground

For many families, the 2-day graduation experience offered to all Trails families doesn’t quite provide enough time and support to transition from Trails. This is why we created Common Ground: an exclusive 4-day adventure family therapy experience that offers a steady transition from Trails for an additional charge. 

For more information about Common Ground, please contact us at 800-975-7303.

Your whole family has done the work, made significant progress, and can now come together to reconnect. Common Ground adds an extra level of support and guidance that some families need to start off on the right foot.

Common Ground is a multi-day program providing Trails student graduate and family the proper support and time to reconnect after their time apart. We offer a combination of family therapy activities that are not only fun, but beneficial for the family dynamic. 
During the four days, your family may participate in ventures such as:

  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Horseback riding
  • Canoeing
  • Low ropes courses

These adventure family therapy experiences are meant to inspire the whole family—siblings, parents, and student—to share laughter and fun while creating stronger bonds and family memories. In our structured Common Ground experience, families have the opportunity to practice new home agreement skills in a supportive environment. We focus on allowing your family to reconnect, celebrate, practice, and ease the anxiety of transitioning from Trails Carolina.

Our Common Ground adventure family therapy experience happens on an entirely separate, equally beautiful campus from the regular Trails Carolina one. This is meant to be a place where every member of the family can discuss and reach common ground with each other before moving on to the next step for your family—whether that’s returning home or progressing to further treatment.

At Trails, we understand that this experience is similar to leaving the hospital with a newborn. There is fear mixed with hope and excitement for a new journey.  Common Ground offers families a unique opportunity to forge stronger ties with one another that can inspire continued growth and happiness for the entire family. This is why we’re here to support your family and make the transition easier on everyone through Common Ground.