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The Unexpected Health Risk: A Technology Addiction

The Unexpected Health Risk: A Technology Addiction

It’s difficult to find an adolescent without a cell phone or some form of technology attached to them in today’s society. We all know the agony of having to repeatedly tell our kids, friends and loved ones to put their “screens” away in order to get them to pay attention. For some, it becomes hard – even painful – to put away their technological device. This can only be described as one thing: a technology addiction.

Is a technology addiction real?

Though DSM-5 describes internet addiction disorder (IAD) as a condition that requires further research, studies are starting to pile up as time goes on. It’s becoming apparent that adolescents and adults can become extremely and unhealthily attached to technology.
In a study, conducted by Current Psychiatry Reviews, published in the US National Library of Medicine, researchers found that technology addiction is growing in the United States, and that those obsessed with technology show all the signs of having a behavioral addiction.

Harmful effects mentally, physically, emotionally

According to a study, by the Journal of Youth and Adolescence, teens who play violent video games and watch violence on television have a higher risk of displaying aggressive and defiant behavior. A technology addiction also requires a fairly sedentary lifestyle and many become so obsessed that they sacrifice their health and wellness in order to continue using a device.
The Kaiser Family Foundation came out with statistics on the number of hours the average child to adolescent spends on a technological device. The stats are baffling. While eight to 10-year-olds spend about eight hours per day on some type of media, older teens spend more than 11 hours per day. The average American kid is spending a third to half of the day on a device.

Kicking the habit

Like any addiction, a technology addiction requires extensive treatment and rehabilitation. Fortunately, programs, treatments and therapies exist specifically to help adolescents overcome their device addictions. Trails Carolina could be the right fit for your struggling teen.
Trails Carolina is a wilderness therapy program for adolescents, ages 10 to 17, struggling with issues such as depression, technology addictions, anxiety and many more.
For more information about how Trails Carolina can help your child overcome their technology addiction, call us today at 800-975-7303.

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