Three Celebrities Open Up About Their Teen Mental Health Issues

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When you are suffering with teen mental health issues, it can be hard to believe that anyone else understands what you are going through. When we see celebrities displayed on social media they are always presented as glamorous and perfect. They seem like flawless, happy people who never struggle with common life issues.

While their life may seem like pure bliss, many celebrities have faced teen mental health issues or are currently dealing with mental health. A recent article by Mind Body Green praises these 3 celebrities for opening up about their past teen mental health issues or current struggles.

Unfortunately, there is still a stigma around being open about mental conditions like depression and anxiety. Many people, especially celebrities, try to keep their past teen mental health issues or current issues a secret. But there are some celebrities who have decided to break the stigma and speak on their experiences with mental illness.

Kristen Bell

The Frozen actress recently opened up about her struggle with anxiety and depression. She suffered from teen mental health issues. She was prescribed a medication for anxiety and depression when she was really young and still takes them today. She stays on top of her illness by having routine mental health check-ins.

Demi Lovato

Demi is a 23-year-old singer who has struggled with experiences of depression, substance abuse, and bipolar disorder. It wasn’t until she went to rehab that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She states “For me, I spent so many years struggling with depression and bipolar depression and I couldn’t figure out why I was so sad, depressed, lonely, and just unhappy overall…I was a star…I had a seemingly awesome life but I was still struggling.” Once she finally got the right diagnosis she was relieved that she could finally pinpoint what was going on and work on the solution.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone is a well-known actress who recently opened up about her teen mental health issues. Throughout her childhood she suffered from panic attacks. She suffered from severe panic attacks for three years, constantly worrying about people dying or a drastic change in her life. She states that acting helped her cope with her anxiety.

Mental illness doesn’t have to take over your life. It doesn’t have to define you as a person. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It’s an important part of receiving the help you need.

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