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The “Out of Control” that they won’t Outgrow

The “Out of Control” that they won’t Outgrow

 Sometimes it’s not “just a phase”. Often times, parents dismiss their teen’s behavior as part of a “phase”, but unfortunately it may be more than that. No one wants to think their child may be struggling with a deeper rooted issue that cannot be outgrown. But sometimes this may be the case and if so, you can be the most important person in their lives to get them the help they need. It is important to identify and confront your teen’s behaviors, some of which may be normal, and others may indicate potential issues.
The following behaviors can be identified as a “normal” part of adolescence:

  • Moodiness, secretiveness, desire for a lot of alone time
  • Short-temperedness and less patience
  • Opposes hanging out with the family as much
  • Being late for curfew
  • Say things like, “Only my friends understand me! I hate it here, I wish I could leave.”

In contrast to the list above, here are some behaviors that could be potential warning signs. These are not categorized as “normal” teen behaviors:

  • Stealing
  • physical aggressiveness or destructiveness
  • Being verbally abusive, intimidating or threatening
  • Coming home drunk or high
  • Staying out all night
  • Getting arrested

It’s Now or Never

If you become worried that your teen’s behavior isn’t going to disappear with time, you should confront it head-on. It’s important to never bother with confrontation when you feel outraged. You must have your own emotions under control before you can help your teen control theirs. More often than not teen’s use out-of-control behavior to gain a sense of control. It seems pretty senseless, but it works for them. It works so well that they won’t change it without intervention and the application of better behaviors. Compromise, acceptance and appropriate negotiation are all part of healthy life skills that your teen needs to acquire in order to be a functional and successful adult. Without these things, having healthy relationships or maintaining a job will be nearly impossible. If you allow your teen to continuously get by with their behavior, you are setting them up for failure in the future.

Trails Carolina can help

Trails Carolina is a wilderness therapy program for boys and girls ages 10-17. This is an adventure-based therapy program that focuses on changing troubling behavior, guiding adolescents up new paths of self-awareness, leading families toward reunification and healing, and re-engaging students in an appreciation of academic challenge and learning. Trails Carolina addresses the “whole child” as an effective way to address every aspect of their struggles. Students leave Trails Carolina feeling empowered and well-equipped to lead happy and healthy lives. We can help your family today!
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