Outdoor Therapy for Teens with Substance Use Issues

outdoor therapy and substance use

Adolescence can be a challenging time for both parents and the teens themselves. As a family, you are transitioning from being involved in every aspect of your child’s life to experiencing your teen pulling away as they yearn for autonomy. This is a natural part of childhood development as teens begin to develop their own…

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Recovering from drugs and alcohol: Trails Phases program

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Drugs and alcohol can tear apart a teen’s hopes of future success and happiness. Knowing how to help your teen work through their addiction can feel like an overwhelming task. Many therapeutic programs claim to help teens work through their addiction to drugs and alcohol, but only a few actually help. Seven Challenges is an…

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Zero Tolerance Policies Encourage Teen Drug Use

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New research published in the American Journal of Public Health compared high school drug policies in Washington State to those in Victoria, Australia. While high schools across America take a firm zero-tolerance approach to teen drug use, Australia opts for less extreme approaches. Teen drug users who were caught in Washington schools were twice as…

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